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Netflix’s ‘The Makanai’ Is a Soothing Delight for Those Who Measure Their Lives in Meals

When the World Ends, I Only Hope to Grow a Patch of Strawberries

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The Brash, Chaotic, Enduring Taboo of Four Loko

What California Cuisine’s Past Tells Us About Its Future

Into the 1980s, the heart of the California food revolution was also a hub of French fine dining. Why did the goat cheese and sundried tomatoes win?

Interview: Dolly Parton on Why ‘There’s No Bad Way to Eat a Biscuit’

For My Next Trick, Dessert

Every meal is in its own way a magic trick, but at magician-led dinner theater, there’s true wonder in watching the transformation

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‘The Bear’ Actor Jeremy Allen White Wins a Golden Globe

Cardi B Is Just as Tired of High Grocery Prices as You Are

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Film Director Paul Feig’s Favorite Drinking Spots in LA

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The Food Post Is Dead. Long Live the Food Post.

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The Snackification of Caviar

It seems like everyone on TikTok is trying caviar as a luxurious little treat, thanks to influencer Danielle Matzon

In 2022, Mushrooms Cured What Ailed Us

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Where ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ Cast Dined During Season 7

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This Year, Food TV Got Weird

Sure, everyone was horny for "The Bear." But from GBBO’s "Mexican Week" to "Is It Cake?" to "Easy-Bake Battle," the rest of food TV this year was far less exciting

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The Year Creators Took It Offline

From MrBeast’s mall burger restaurant to David Dobrik’s pizzeria and Dylan Lemay’s ice cream shop, YouTube and TikTok’s biggest stars are getting in on owning restaurants

Great! AI Can Generate All the Diaspora Food Writing Tropes

Whether it’s the stinky lunchbox moment or the cut-fruit-as-love food writing narrative, AI knows exactly which notes to hit

Matt Lucas’s Time on ‘Great British Bake Off’ Is Cooked

Apparently, Hosting the ‘Great American Baking Show’ Is as Awkward as It Looks

The Great American Eater Interview With Paul and Prue

Happy Bonne Maman Advent Calendar Season to All Who Celebrate

Let’s Talk About the WTF Ending of ‘The Menu’

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I Freaking Love the Apple Database

Welcome to Orange Pippin, a fruit enthusiast’s fantasia

The Leftovers

Can an app promising discount, end-of-day goods make a dent in America’s food waste problem?

Keke Palmer Weighs In on the Great Online Seasoning Debate

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How the Minds Behind ‘The Menu’ Created an Authentic Fine Dining Hellscape

Star Anya Taylor-Joy, director Mark Mylod, and consulting chef Dominique Crenn on building the world’s creepiest restaurant

We’re Bringing Fruitcake Back???

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Review: If ‘The Menu’ Makes You Uncomfortable, That’s Because It’s Supposed To

The Ralph Fiennes movie, part horror film and part dark comedy, takes the cult of fine dining to the extreme

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Could Studio Ghibli’s Lucasfilm Collaboration Finally Let Star Wars Characters Enjoy Food?

Guy Fieri’s Most Memorable Thanksgiving Disaster

All of Weird Al’s Songs About Food, Ranked

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DJ Khaled Is Dropping a Cheetos-Crusted Crunchwrap Across the Country

JoJo Siwa Dreams of Glittery Cranberry Sauce 

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