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There’s No Skittles Ban. But It’s Not a Bad Idea to Stock Up on Peeps.

The Story Behind the José Andrés Nonprofit

The National Restaurant Association, Explained

Does Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Extend to Culinary School Students?

Using School Lunch, Republican Attorneys General Target USDA Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Fight for L.A.’s Street Food Vendors

Street vending is technically legal in Los Angeles, but vendors say landing a permit is often out of reach

How I Got My Job: From Making Artisanal Jam to Public Service at SF City Hall and Beyond

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In Some States, the Boon of To-Go Cocktails Is Going, Going, Gone

With very little warning, New York and Pennsylvania have rolled back mandates that made it possible for restaurants and bars to survive the pandemic. The businesses aren’t ready.

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Guaranteed Basic Income Could Be a Game-Changer for Restaurant Workers

More cities nationwide are considering guaranteed income for low-wage earners, which could empower food and farm industry employees

Sen. Schumer Explains How the Stimulus Bill Will Help Restaurants Recover 2020 Losses

This week on Eater’s Digest, the Senate Majority Leader discusses how grassroots lobbying for restaurants helped shape the relief package

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Why Don’t America’s Public Schoolchildren Get Universal Free Lunch?

Federal waivers provide free school meals to students during the pandemic. Advocates want that to be permanent.

This New Regulation Will Take Money Out of Servers’ Pockets

Black Farmers Say They Were Dropped From the USDA’s Food Box Program

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Bipartisan Senate Proposal Includes Some Support for Small Businesses, No New Stimulus Checks

Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Climate and Agriculture?

The Democratic presidential candidate supports a zero-emissions goal for ag and wants to incentivize carbon markets, but his platform makes no mention of animal agriculture or organic farming

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‘Food Is Political. It’s a Part of Our DNA.’

Devita Davison, executive director of FoodLab Detroit, has long advocated for an equitable and sustainable restaurant industry. She still sees a lot of work to do.

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Kamala Harris Brings Food Justice to the Democratic Ticket

As vice president, experts say Harris would be able to advance her years-long focus on hunger, worker protections, and environmental justice

The Republican Stimulus Plan Lets Restaurant Owners Who Endanger Workers Off the Hook

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GOP ‘HEALS Act’ Proposal Allows Small-Business Loans to Cover Protective Gear

Julián Castro on the Goya Boycott and How to Support Communities of Color During the Pandemic

Nationwide Protests Inspire Restaurants to Give Election Day Off to Workers

These operators see making it easier for staff to vote as a way to help make change

Food Banks Need More Government Help to Address Unprecedented Levels of Food Insecurity

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FDA Temporarily Allows Minor Ingredient Changes Without Label Disclosures Amid Pandemic

New Bill Proposes $120 Billion in Grants to Support Independent Restaurants

Trump Says It ‘Should Be Easy’ to Extend Deadline for Restaurants to Spend Stimulus Loans

As Jobless Claims Soar, More Restaurants Might Finally Be Able to Accept SNAP Benefits

Independent Chefs and Restaurateurs Call on Congress for Better Stimulus Terms

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If the Stimulus Package Fails Independent Restaurants, It Fails America

Simply put, the deal isn’t good enough for small business owners or millions of service workers

Coronavirus Is Closing Schools. What Does That Mean for Kids Who Rely on School Meals?

The Fight to Use Food Stamps for Restaurant Food

Three states are moving to make more SNAP recipients eligible for hot meals

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Trump Tariffs Inspire Some to Stockpile Wine and Cheese

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Proposed Bill Wants All Plant-Based Beef Labeled ‘Imitation’