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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Launches Detroit-Style Pizza Nationwide

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Chicago’s Food Media Coverage Has Been Slashed During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Pizza Hut Gets Into the Automat Business With New Pizza Lockers

The NFL Trades Papa John’s for Pizza Hut

Florida Pizza Hut Threatens Employees Fleeing Hurricane With Discipline If They Miss Work

Pizza Hut Shanghai Staffed by World's Cutest Robot

Pizza Hut's Pizza-Ordering Tattoo Makes No Sense

Pizza Hut Debuts an All-Emoji Menu in the UK

Pizza Hut Hops on the Antibiotic-Free, No-Preservatives Bandwagon

Pizza Hut Is Testing Beer-Infused Crust, Making the World a Better Place

America, Pizza Hut, and Me

'Dance Moms' Star Sics Her 2 Million Instagram Followers on Local Pizza Hut

The New KFC Is a Half-Baked Plea to Millennials

Pizza Hut's Crazy Crusts Continue With Tater Tots and Garlic Knots

Fast Food Kings Battle for the Value Meal Crown

Idiotic Pizza Hut Employees Film Themselves Smoking Weed at Work [Updated]

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Obama Is the Coolest Coffee Date; Pizza Hut Unleashes Clothing Line

Drug-Dealing Pizza Hut Employee Busted for Selling Heroin at Work

Pursue a Degree in Pizza at This UK University

Michael Bolton Wants You to Order a Filing Cabinet Full of Pizza Hut

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Dole Recalls Spinach Over Salmonella Concerns; Pizza Hut's New Naan Pizza

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Pizza Hut Introduces Twisted Crust; New CEO at America's Test Kitchen

Former Employees Sue Pizza Hut Over Its Delivery Fees

Five Times Donald Trump Shilled for McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Other Food Brands

Watch Jon Stewart Compare Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Pizza to a Circle Jerk

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut to Axe Artificial Ingredients From Their Menus

Pizza Hut Employees Scrawl KKK and Swastikas on Customers' Order

Eater Today: Pizza Hut's New Two-Foot Long Pizza, Bob Evans to Shutter 20 Restaurants

Woman Slams Car Into a Pizza Hut After Employee Allegedly Lost Her Order

Watch Stephen Colbert Make Fun of 'Extra Expensive Science Milk' and Pizza Hut's Mind-Reading Menu

Pizza Hut Australia Gives Birth to Doritos-Topped, Stuffed-Crust Pepperoni Monster

Pizza Hut New Zealand Is Now Selling Burrito and Quesadilla Pizzas