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Where to Stop and Eat on the Drive From D.C. to Pittsburgh

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The 14 Hottest New Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Where to find buttery lobster rolls, slow-rise pizzas, and drinks paired with just-baked cookies

The Restaurant Bringing Glorious French Bistro Vibes to Pittsburgh

Anthony Bourdain Heads to Pittsburgh to See How Chefs Are Changing the Food Scene

Kevin Sousa’s Long-Awaited Restaurant Superior Motors Opens This Saturday

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Superior Motors Was Supposed to Revive This Pennsylvania Town. So What Happened?

After years of delay, Kevin Sousa is (almost) ready to open his restaurant

Pittsburgh Restaurant Scolded for Serving Horse Meat

What Is City Chicken, Really?

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The 9 Hottest New Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Can This Restaurant Deliver on Pittsburgh’s Delicious Promise?

Pittsburgh Sandwich Shop Bans Seafood Before Steelers-Dolphins Game

A Beer Museum Is Coming to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. Sent 'Thank You' Sandwiches to the Bills for Beating the Jets

KFC Rips Off Nashville and Adds Hot Chicken to Its Menu

What Are Conflict Cafes and Can They Actually Change the World?

Meat Hook's Brent Young to Open Restaurant in Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

Ex-NFL Player Hines Ward Opens His Pittsburgh Restaurant Wednesday

All Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Are Now Guaranteed Paid Sick Days

Is Pittsburgh The Country's Next Destination Food Town?

Primanti Bros.: Where Pittsburgh Eats Long After Last Call

Restaurant Eliminates Tips, Gives Employees $35,000 a Year

Pittsburgh Restaurateurs Spurn Proposed Health Letter Grading System

Pittsburgh Chef Transforming Senator's Office Into a Tapas Restaurant

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Expanding His Restaurant Chain to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen Reopens After Receiving Death Threats

Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen Forced to Close Over Death Threats

Delivery Site Goldbely Now Slingin' Pittsburgh's Iconic Primanti Bros. Sandwiches

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The Hottest Restaurants in Pittsburgh Right Now, October 2014

Colin Anderson of Pittsburgh's Cure on Historic Cocktails and $40 Martinis

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The Eater Pittsburgh Heatmap: Where to Eat Right Now

Pittsburgh's Kevin Sousa on His Record-Breaking Kickstarter and New Restaurant

McDonald's Employee Arrested for Selling Heroin in Happy Meal Boxes