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The 14 Hottest New Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Where to find buttery lobster rolls, slow-rise pizzas, and drinks paired with just-baked cookies

The Restaurant Bringing Glorious French Bistro Vibes to Pittsburgh

Kevin Sousa’s Long-Awaited Restaurant Superior Motors Opens This Saturday

‘Top Chef’ Winner Kevin Sbraga to Close His One Remaining Restaurant

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Superior Motors Was Supposed to Revive This Pennsylvania Town. So What Happened?

After years of delay, Kevin Sousa is (almost) ready to open his restaurant

Can This Restaurant Deliver on Pittsburgh’s Delicious Promise?

Pittsburgh Sandwich Shop Bans Seafood Before Steelers-Dolphins Game

Yuengling Just Endorsed Donald Trump, and It’s Not Going Over Well

A Beer Museum Is Coming to Pittsburgh

Officers Pay Bill of Customers Who Refused to Sit Nearby

How Amish Foodways Became Pennsylvania Dutch Country’s Main Attraction

Bread vs. Booze: The Surprising Fight Brewing Over Quality Grain

Hillary Clinton Bestowed With Nation’s Highest Honor: Her Own Pizza

Fake Celebrity Chef Sentenced to Prison in Pennsylvania

Chick-Fil-A Employees Conspired to Rob Their Own Restaurant

Man Stops at Restaurant to Eat Biscuits Right After Robbing a Bank

Restaurant Employee Fired After She Leaves Work for a Mammogram

Terrible Chili's Fires Man Who Asked Co-Workers to Stop Using Offensive Language

How a Restaurant Tripled Its Profits by Eliminating Tips

Judge Rules Against McDonald's Owners Who Paid Employees With Debit Cards

World's Worst Restaurant Manager Allegedly Stole $315,000 From an Elderly Couple

Hangry Man Loses It When Denied Mac and Cheese at a Rest Stop

Sewage Backup Doesn't Stop Philadelphia McDonald's From Serving Food

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Involved in Tragic Crash

Waitress Arrested for Forging Higher Tips on Customer Receipts

Hershey's to Install 3D Chocolate Printer at Headquarters

Pizzeria Robber Thwarted By Roll of Toilet Paper

FDA Finds Rat-Infested Horror Show at Pennsylvania Chinese Food Distributor

Restaurant Claims Printing the N-Word on a Receipt Was a 'Joke'

Pittsburgh Chef Transforming Senator's Office Into a Tapas Restaurant

Chipotle Workers Quit By Leaving Epic Sign in Window

Patriot-News Critic Mimi Brodeur Reveals Her Identity