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Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid Groups Reckon With the Future: ‘We Don’t Want This to Just Be a Fad’

Mutual aid networks swelled during the pandemic. How will they continue to grow and serve once it’s over?

 A Labor of Love

Love Letters to Black Folks provides nurturing and joy — in the form of beautiful desserts and care packages — to the Black community

‘If You Want to Experience Liberation, Black Women Must Be at the Table’

From the Montgomery bus boycott to the Black Lives Matter movement, Black women have made food a central part of protest

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‘Kind Bars Are the Food of the Revolution’

The People’s Bodega is a traveling food and necessities pantry providing protesters with the fuel they need to keep going

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Give Some, Take Some: How the Community Fridge Fights Food Insecurity

At these community-run sites, anyone is welcome to take or leave food

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Mutual Aid Groups Band Together to Feed Communities Through Crisis

During nationwide demonstrations against police brutality, community groups are distributing food to protesters and underserved communities

With Online Spreadsheets, Mutual Aid Networks Are Keeping People Fed During Coronavirus

Across the internet, home cooks are finding ways to provide meals for others