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Experience Mexico City for yourself on an Eater trip, brought to you by Black Tomato. Check out the itinerary and start planning your journey.

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Enrique Olivera’s Famous Tortillas are Getting Their Own Shop

The Pujol chef opens Molino el Pujol in Mexico City this week

‘Chef’s Table’ Recap: Enrique Olvera Creates His Own Style of Mexican Restaurant

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Where to Drink in Mexico City

Former Noma Chef Plans Tulum Jungle Restaurant

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How One of Mexico’s Beloved Markets Is Fighting to Survive

A September 7 earthquake collapsed Oaxaca’s Mercado Juchitán, displacing 2,000 vendors

Mexico City’s Street Food Vendors Regroup and Return After the Earthquake

From Condesa to downtown, these stands remain an essential part of city life

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I’m a Restaurant Owner in Mexico City. After the Earthquake, I Went to Work.

We’ve been open since the day after the quake, trying to find our new normal

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The 2017 Mexico City Earthquake and Restaurants: Everything You Need to Know

After the Earthquake, a Mexico City Restaurant Shuts Its Doors

A Culinary Legend Gets the Big-Screen Treatment in ‘Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy’

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In Mexico City, Restaurant Kitchens Turn Into Relief Centers

How free meals fostered community after the earthquake

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Resistance and Resilience at the Temacapulín Chile Festival

How one Mexican town turns its best-known crop into the ultimate protest

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6 Mexican Desserts That Offer a Taste of France

From flan to crepas, six treats that meld two culinary worlds

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The 18 Essential Tulum Restaurants

The 10 Best Moments of Noma Mexico

What the Critics Are Saying About Noma Mexico