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For a Touch of Retro Whimsy, Restaurants Are Turning to the Illustrated Menu

From Danny Meyer’s skyscraper restaurant Manhatta to dive bars in Brooklyn, these hand-drawn menu designs are bringing a new level of fun and creativity to the dining experience

Appetizers Are Bad Entrees

Screw This Whole ‘My Girlfriend Isn’t Hungry’ Menu Trend

The New York Restaurant Where the Menu Is Literally a Work of Art

At Atomix, a set of colorful cards gives diners insight into Korean culture and a piece of the restaurant to take home

Noma’s Super-Goth Dishes Were Foraged Straight From Hell

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Momofuku Now Serves Fruit on a Plate

A dessert at LA’s Majordomo features melon with salt, frozen grapes, but no figs (yet)

Chain Restaurants Are Now Legally Required to Display Calorie Counts

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How Mugaritz’s Provocative Tasting Menu Comes Together

Inside the months-long creative process behind the restaurant’s innovative dishes

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Check Out the Menu at Dyafa, Oakland Baker Reem Assil’s Restaurant With Daniel Patterson

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Behold the Menu at Erik Bruner-Yang’s Highly Anticipated Restaurant Speakeasy

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What It Took to Create the Stunning, Sea-Focused New Noma Menu

How the Noma test kitchen worked with sea snails, cod face, and other ocean creatures for the eagerly awaited relaunch

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San Francisco’s Coi Debuts First Menu Under Executive Chef Erik Anderson

In-N-Out Has Added Hot Cocoa to Its Menu

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Actually, Meat in the U.S. Is Among the Most Affordable in the World

What this “meat index” says about food economies

Feast Your Eyes on Vespertine's Gorgeously Indecipherable Food

Mugaritz Is Now Serving Moldy Apples

Restaurant Names Kids’ Menu Item ‘I Don’t Care’

Sean Brock Passionately Defends the Tasting Menu

How Coloring Books (for Kids and Adults) Ended Up in Restaurants

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Take a Look at Charter Oak, the Casual Follow-Up to the Restaurant at Meadowood

How Next in Chicago Transforms Your Favorite Movies Into Edible Art

Why We Might Be Saying Goodbye to Elaborate Restaurant Menus

How to Design a Tasting Menu That Flows Like a Symphony

Any Restaurant Can Have a Menu; Junebaby Has an Encyclopedia

In the Caribbean, More Resort Restaurants Go Local

When Catering to Vegans Is Just Good Economic Sense

Emoji on Restaurant Menus: Why Use Words When Smiley Faces Exist?

Fromage Blanc Is the Secret Weapon of America’s Pastry Chefs

How to Avoid the Most Common Fake Foods on Restaurant Menus

How St. Croix’s Restaurants and Fishers Are Embracing Sustainability

Taco Bell’s New 'Core Burrito' Is a Quesarito in Reverse

Next's Fall 2016 Menu Will Honor The French Laundry Circa 1996