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The Ugly Delicious crew at Din Tai Fung. Netflix

The Restaurants of Netflix’s ‘Ugly Delicious’

A culinary guide to David Chang’s new show 

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Ugly Delicious, the new Netflix show from chef David Chang and filmmaker Morgan Neville, is chock full of food from acclaimed restaurants around the world. Most episodes of the show feature at least a handful of meals in a few different cities, at establishments ranging from food trucks to three Michelin-star fine dining restaurants. Many of these scenes involve David Chang poking his head into the kitchen to see how chefs make the magic happen.

Here, now, is a map of the major restaurants that are included in the eight episodes that make up Season 1. In addition to the restaurants on this map, the show also includes scenes filmed at a few chains — including Taco Bell, Domino’s, Chinese chicken operation Discos, and Japanese convenience store Lawson — plus meals that have been cooked in home kitchens. You could easily build a short vacation around the Ugly Delicious restaurants in cities like LA, New York, Houston, Naples, Copenhagen, and Tokyo.

In the “Home Cooking” episode, Chang explains a bit about his omnivorous approach to exploring food. “When I started cooking, I thought the only food that was worth exploring and learning and working hard to be proficient at was high-end French dining,” he remarks. “And that’s sort of where I see food right now in food television, is that everything has to be this super-glossy affair. When in reality, good food is everywhere, and it’s not just one person’s perspective.”

For more on how the establishments on this map connect to the broader themes of Ugly Delicious, please check out Eater’s complete episode guides to the show: “Pizza,” “Tacos,” “Home Cooking,” “Shrimp & Crawfish,” “Barbecue,” “Fried Chicken,” “Fried Rice,” and “Stuffed.” And for even more on intel on Ugly Delicious and other food-related TV shows and movies, subscribe to the Eat, Drink, Watch newsletter or join Eater’s new Facebook group.

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Mister Jiu's

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In the “fried rice” episode, chef Brandon Jew shows how to make a deluxe version of the dish in the kitchen of his acclaimed San Francisco restaurant.

Fried Rice with hanger steak, cured tuna heart, fried garlic and egg
Facebook / Mister Jiu’s

During the “stuffed” episode of Ugly Delicious, chef Corey Lee creates an elegant riff on xiao long bao at this three Michelin star restaurant.

Pine Mushroom, Gingko Nut, Crysthanamum
Yelp / Dean C.


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Edouardo Jordan’s critical darling serves fried chicken on Sunday nights, only. It’s featured at the end of the “fried chicken” episode.

Edouardo Jordan’s older Seattle restaurant and its crispy duck leg with quinoa are included in the “fried chicken” episode.

Suzi Pratt/Eater Seattle

Kogi Taqueria

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During the “taco” episode, David Chang visits one of Roy Choi’s Kogi trucks to hear about how the chef built a Southern California phenomenon around Korean-Mexican fusion. (The address listed here is the permanent Kogi location, but you can track the trucks by following @kogibbq.)


Dave Chang visits Wolfgang Puck at his flagship Beverley Hills restaurant to talk about authenticity and breaking the rules in the “pizza” episode.


Park's Barbeque

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David Chang enjoys a KBBQ feast with artist David Choe, actor Steven Yeun, and proprietor Jenee Kim in the “barbecue” episode of Ugly Delicious. For more on what to expect from Park’s, check out Matthew Kang’s visit to the restaurant in Eater’s video series K-Town.


OB Bear

Copy Link

David Chang and actress Gillian Jacobs visit this K-Town pub in the “fried chicken” episode.

Night + Market Song

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Chef/owner Kris Yenbamroong tells David Chang about his experience taking over the family business in the “fried rice” episode.

Dishes at Night + Market Song
Facebook / Night + Market Song

Din Tai Fung

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David Chang and Ali Wong sample the soup dumplings at the Glendale, CA location of this popular chain in the “stuffed” episode.

Shrimp and Pork Shumai at Din Tai Fung
Yelp / David T.

Mariscos Jalisco

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Mariscos Jalisco is the first stop on the food crawl that begins the “taco” episode. David Chang, Jonathan Gold, Peter Meehan, and Gustavo Arellano eat the truck’s specialty, crispy shrimp tacos.

Los Originales Tacos Arabe de Puebla

Copy Link

The four tortilla hunters stop by this celebrated stand, which serve a shawarma-like specialty from Puebla, during the “tacos” episode of Ugly Delicious.

Newport Seafood Restaurant

Copy Link

David Chang and Gillian Ferguson try to order off-the-menu dishes at this San Gabriel, CA restaurant in the “fried rice” episode.

4 lb. spicy lobster at Newport Seafood Restaurant
Yelp / Ann S.

Mitla Cafe

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Gustavo Arellano visits this San Bernardino icon in the “tacos” episode to tell the story of how the founder of Taco Bell basically ripped off the entire concept for his chain from this humble restaurant many decades ago. 

Beijing Noodle No. 9

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This restaurant featured in the “fried rice” episode caters to Chinese high-rollers who are in Vegas on vacation.

Knife-Cut Noodles at Beijing Noodle No. 9
Yelp / Gen Y.

Momofuku Las Vegas

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David Chang hops into the kitchen of his Las Vegas restaurant to demonstrate a new cod dish that he’s working on in the “home cooking” episode.

Pork Belly Ramen at Momofuku Las Vegas
Yelp / Antonia M.

Peter Meehan and Eduardo Lalo García visit Enrique Olvera’s acclaimed modern Mexican restaurant at the end of the “tacos” episode.

Pato, recado negro, nanche, cebollita de Ixil

Máximo Bistrot

Copy Link

During the “tacos” episode, Máximo Bistrot’s chef/owner Eduardo Lalo García tells Peter Meehan about getting deported and rising his way through the ranks of Mexico City kitchens.

Panna Cotta, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Local Mascarpone, Mango Sorbet
Yelp / Michael U.

Snow's BBQ

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82-year-old pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz smokes brisket, ribs, and sausage at this venerable barbecue parlor in Lexington, TX. Snow’s is featured near the end of the “barbecue” episode.

Kerry Bexley and Tootsie Tomanetz
Robert Strickland

Crawfish & Noodles

Copy Link

In the “shrimp & crawfish” episode, David Chang, Chris Shepherd, and Justin Yu visit this Houston restaurant to eat seafood and discuss the state of Houston food with chef Trong Nguyen. The restaurant’s garlic butter and ginger-lemongrass crawfish are featured in the show.

Yelp / Maria C.

Nam Giao Restaurant & Bakery

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In the “shrimp and crawfish” episode, David Chang meets with Al Le, the chef/owner of this Houston Vietnamese restaurant, and sample his “Vietnamese tamales” and crystal shrimp dumplings.

Pork and Shrimp Stuffed Mochi
Yelp / Que. N


Copy Link

The parking lot of Chris Shepherd’s modern classic Houston restaurant is the site of the giant crawfish boil and pig roast that ends the “shrimp & crawfish” episode.


Cali Sandwich & Fast Food

Copy Link

This banh mi shop, which is beloved by Houston chef Chris Shepherd, is featured in the “shrimp & crawfish” episode of Ugly Delicious.

Bun Rieu
Yelp / Patty C.

Dooky Chase Restaurant

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David Chang dines at this famous New Orleans institution with Nina Compton, David Simon, and Lolis Eric Elie in the “fried chicken” episode.

Lunch Buffet at Dooky Chase
Yelp / Michele C.

Three Legged Dog

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During the “shrimp & crawfish” episode, David Chang heads to this bar that serves up a smorgasbord of hot crawfish, corn, and potatoes, after a night in the French Quarter.

Crawfish at the Three Legged Dog
Yelp / James F.


Copy Link

David Chang has to buy a collared shirt to enter this classic restaurant in the “shrimp & crawfish” episode, but once he’s inside, the chef makes friends with a waiter who points him in the direction of some great food.

Oysters Rockefeller, Shrimp and Potatoes
Facebook / Galatoire’s

Cajun Corner Seafood

Copy Link

David Chang visits this restaurant to try some traditional Louisiana-style boiled seafood (including blue crabs) in the “shrimp & crawfish” episode.

17th Street Barbecue

Copy Link

Peter Meehan attends a convention at this storied smoked meat parlor in the “barbecue” episode, where he meets proprietor Mike Mills as well as visiting pitmasters from around the country.

Sunday sermon. #writeitdown #makeithappen

A post shared by Amy Mills (@17thstreetbbq) on

Hattie B's Hot Chicken

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David Chang meets with Nick Bishop Jr., the proprietor of this popular new chain, in the “fried chicken” episode of Ugly Delicious.

In the “fried chicken” episode, Sean Brock shows off his recipe for hot chicken in the kitchen of his Nashville restaurant.

Bill Addison

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish

Copy Link

David Chang and Sean Brock sit down with proprietor Dollye Graham-Matthews outside her acclaimed Nashville restaurant in the “fried chicken” episode.


Busy Bee Cafe

Copy Link

In the “fried chicken” episode, David Chang meets Lolis Eric Elie here for lunch. The chef also goes into the kitchen to see how owner Tracy Gates and her son Ohagi cook the birds.


New China Palace Restaurant

Copy Link

This is one of the Tennessee restaurants that Serena Dai visits in the “fried rice” episode.

Firecracker shrimp
Facebook / New China Palace

Asia Kitchen

Copy Link

Serena Dai and David Chang have a meal here and talk with the owner’s son, who insists that a dish of intestines is more popular than the lo mein.

Spicy Schezuan Fish at Asia Kitchen
Yelp / Kristina D.

Asian Legend

Copy Link

The crew eat soup dumplings and other assorted dim sum at this Toronto restaurant in the “stuffed” episode.

Dumplings at Asian Legend

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant

Copy Link

This Toronto restaurant is home to the mighty Lobster Tower that’s featured at the end of the “fried rice” episode.