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Photo: Gizelle Lau

The Eater Toronto Heatmap: Where to Eat Right Now

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Today we return to Toronto, Ontario and focus on seven of its hottest restaurants. This comes half a year since the last Toronto Heatmap. Among the locations on the list is the modern glass cube that houses four concepts from chef David Chang (Momofuku Toronto), the return to the scene of beloved chefs Michael Caballo and his wife Tobey Nemeth (Edulis), and the new restaurant from Susur Lee and his sons (Bent), the follow-up to popular pub Queen and Beaver (The Oxley). Also, the upcoming Toronto outpost of Daniel Boulud's Michelin-starred Café Boulud.

Here now, the Eater Heatmap to Toronto.

Tried any of the places on the list or feel there are any glaring omissions? You know what to do.

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Momofuku Toronto

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[Photo: Gizelle Lau]

Glas Wine Bar

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[Photo: Glas/Facebook]
[Photo: Dine.TO]
[Photo: Edulis]

The Grove

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[Photo: BlogTO]

The Oxley Public House

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[Photo: Star]

Café Boulud

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[Photo: Facebook]