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Photo: Cliff Bell's

The Eater Detroit Cocktail Heatmap: Where to Drink Now

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Back in November of 2011, Eater published a list of the hottest cocktail bars in and around the city of Detroit. In the time since, some places have gone out of fashion, some new ones have popped up on the scene, and some more established businesses have regained attention. Here are six of them. The selections come courtesy of Curbed Detroit editor Sarah Cox and Eat It Detroit writer Nicole Rupersburg. It's more proof that it can no longer be said, as one writer recently argued, that "Michigan is basically ignored by review sites like Zagat and Eater."

Tried any of the places on the list or feel there are any glaring omissions? You know what to do.

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Atlas Global Bistro

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Cliff Bell's

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The Rattlesnake Club

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Clubhouse BFD

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One-Eyed Betty's

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The Bar at 327 Braun Court

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