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Hendrick's Guide to the Unusual in NYC

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[Photos: City Hall Station, Fireflies on the Water, PDT, M. Wells Dinette]

Exploration, a word which brings to mind vivid images of tireless men and women trekking uncharted terrains, has helped mankind discover a great number of rare and unexpected things over the past two million years. But have we truly uncovered all unusualness there is to discover on this fine planet?

In a world filled with a myriad of mediocre, mundane, and wholly unremarkable things, Hendrick’s exists as a shining beacon of unusualness. Distilled in absurdly miniscule batches in a tiny seaside village in Scotland, Hendrick’s is made by a single craftsman working a duo of anachronistic copper stills. This most peculiar distillation process combined with oddly delicious infusions of cucumber and rose petal yields a one-of-a-kind gin.

Inspired by this most unique spirit and in anticipation of Hendrick's Voyages Into The Unusual, we've put together a guide to a number of the most unusual and exciting sights to see in NYC.

Please enjoy the unusual responsibly.

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Sleep No More

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City Hall Station

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'Fireflies on the Water' at the Whitney

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The M. Wells Dinette

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PDT (Please Don't Tell)

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