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Barbara Lynch Allegedly Withheld Tips From Employees During the Pandemic, Lawsuit Claims

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Jury Awards Former Rancho Gordo Temp Worker More Than $250K in Discrimination Lawsuit

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Inside the Backroom Battle for Mother Wolf, One of Hollywood’s Hottest Restaurants

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Slutty Vegan Founder Pinky Cole Speaks Out After a Former Employee Files a Lawsuit Alleging Unpaid Wages

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Nancy Crampton Brophy Found Guilty for the Murder of Chef-Instructor Husband Daniel Brophy

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DC Sues Grubhub For Allegedly Deceptive Business Practices

‘Influencer Network’ the FeedFeed Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Workplace Racism and Sexism

Former Panda Express Employee Says She Was Made to Strip at Cult-Like Work-Endorsed Seminar

Tyson Cannot Blame Executive Order for Employee’s Death, Federal Judge Rules

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Civil Rights Lawyer Will Represent Black Franchisees in McDonald’s Discrimination Lawsuit

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McDonald’s Lawsuit Against Former CEO Steve Easterbrook Is Getting McMESSY

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Former CEO: McDonald’s Knew About Sexual Misconduct While Negotiating Multimillion-Dollar Severance

McDonald’s Sues Disgraced Former CEO for Lying About Sexual Relationships With Employees

A McDonald’s Employee Reported Unsanitary Conditions. Her Coworkers Retaliated With Harassment.

Nakeyla Hills told regional managers about black mold in the ice machines and the unsafe behavior of her colleagues. Afterward, she says coworkers retaliated by groping her and calling her the N-word.

Chicago and Oakland McDonald’s Workers Win COVID-19 Protections After Allegations of Substandard Supplies and Training [Updated]

South Korean Chef Sues Michelin Over ‘Insult’ of Being Included in Guide

Former Employee Files Sexual Harassment Class Action Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

The plaintiff’s case is one of several Times Up Legal Defense Fund-backed legal actions against McDonald’s

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The Paleta War

Countless paleta shops in Mexico and the U.S. are called La Michoacana, but two companies want to stake legal claim to the name

Salt Bae Sprinkles Some Tip Pooling and Wage Theft in Miami Restaurant, Lawsuit Alleges

Domino’s Would Rather Go to the Supreme Court Than Make Its Website Accessible to the Blind

Mario Batali Pleads Not Guilty to Assault and Battery of a Woman in Boston Restaurant

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Miller Lite Files Lawsuit Over Bud Light’s Corn Syrup-Focused Super Bowl Ad

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Why You Can’t Call It a Barcade

No really, you’ll get sued

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California’s Foie Gras Ban, Explained

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear the case, placing the ban in effect

Meet the New Bae, Same as the Old Bay

PBR Will Survive to Quench the Thirst of Budget-Minded Drinkers

Whole Foods Gets Restraining Order Against Animal Rights Activists

Following Sexual Harassment Suit, DC Chef Mike Isabella Files for Bankruptcy

Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Claims He’s Being Persecuted for His Beliefs Again

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Chicago’s Aloha Poke Faces Boycott Over Cultural Appropriation Claims

The Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Wedding Cake Ruling Does Not Dismantle LGBTQ Protections

The Masterpiece Cakeshop case’s narrow decision means it won’t be setting a legal precedent for the whole country

Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Yelp Page Slammed in Wake of Supreme Court Decision