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KFC’s Beyond Meat Nuggets Taste Like Chicken, Eat Like Rubber

Fast Food’s Retro Glow-Up

Brands like Burger King and KFC are reverting to retro logos in a nostalgia ploy, making you long for a time when your life was simpler

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Just Try Licking Your Fingers While Eating KFC Now

Feast Your Eyes on the Chicken-Scented KFC x Crocs Collaboration

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Colonel Sanders Maneuvers to Reclaim Lost Ground in Chicken Sandwich Wars With KFC ’Premium’ Offering

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In the Middle of a Pandemic, KFC Is Still Trying to Go Viral

Why Fake-Meat Chicken Nuggets Make Total Sense

With KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken, fake meat finally tackles the fast-food chicken nugget — and we’re totally on board

Patton Oswalt May Have Won the KFC Bowl Battle, but He Didn’t Win the War

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KFC Unveils Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles, for a Limited Time

Eat KFC’s Doughnut Chicken Sandwich Before It Eats You

Watch Football Underdog Rudy Become Colonel Sanders in New KFC Commercial

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Huge Crowds Descended Upon a Smyrna KFC Tuesday for Vegan Fried ‘Chicken’ Nuggets

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KFC’s Fake Chicken Test Sold Out in Five Hours

KFC’s Response to Chicken Sandwich Mania: A Bucket of Vegan ‘Chicken’

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The Making of Colonel Sanders

In "Drive-Thru Dreams," author Adam Chandler explores how KFC’s Harland David Sanders embodies the American dream

Maybe They SHOULD Put This Australian KFC in the Michelin Guide

KFC’s Latest Junk Food Monster Is a Bright Orange Cheetos Chicken Sandwich 

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KFC’s Fake Chicken Burger Is Fungi Seasoned With the 11 Herbs and Spices

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KFC Wants You to Chill Out With Fried Chicken ASMR

RoboCop Colonel Sanders Has Arrived to Threaten People With Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Uses American College Debt Hellscape to Sell Chicken

Food Brands Are Extremely Thirsty on Valentine’s Day 

Reba McEntire Is KFC’s New Colonel Sanders

KFC Is Eater’s #Brand of the Year

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KFC’s Colonel Sanders Dome Will Shield You From the Horrors of the Internet

KFC’s New Employee Training Game Is a Virtual Reality Nightmare

KFC Won’t Let Franchisees Serve Halal Meat, and Now One Is Suing

KFC Trolls ‘Clean-Eating’ Bloggers in New Ad Campaign

KFC's Fried Chicken Crust Pizza Is the Monster Hiding Under Your Bed

KFC Hit With $20M Lawsuit Alleging Chain Underfills Chicken Buckets

KFC in the UK Bans Kids, Citing Unruly Teenagers

Woman Alleges She Was Fired by KFC for Being Transgender