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Searching for Yakitori, the Iconic Snack of Sumo

Fortune Cookies Come With Almost Every Chinese Delivery Order in America. Here’s Why.

Bubble Tea Theme Park Pop-Up Promises to Be the ‘Tapioca Land of Your Dreams’

Bubble Tea Is So Popular, Even the Japanese Mob Is Getting in on It


Watch: The Master Pizzaiolo Serving Japan’s Best Pies

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The 38 Essential Osaka Restaurants

Where to find fancy Japanese steaks, loaded okonomiyaki, chewy udon, and fluffy Dojima roll cake in Japan’s second-largest city


Watch: 20 Years Later, Master Sushi Chef Yumi Chiba Is Still Trying to Perfect Tamago

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The 15 Hottest New Restaurants in Tokyo

Where to find "farm-to-bowl" ramen, Michelin-caliber yakitori, and that much-talked-about wagyu sandwich

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Why Bartenders in America Are Turning to Japanese-Style Bartending

Japan’s approach to the craft elevates it to an art form


Watch: Charcoal-Grilled Wild Duck Is the Star of This Invite-Only Omakase

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4 Irresistible Japanese Food Shows 

Delectable food and mellow vibes make these shows hard to pass up

Uniqlo Releases Graphic Tees Inspired by Famous Ramen Shops

Japanese Food Mascots Are the Best Things on the Internet

Japan’s Epic Wagyu Katsu Sandwich Is the Meaty Trend You Need to Know

The beefy "sando" is making a splash in America, too

Massive Bluefin Tuna Rakes in $323,000 at Tsukiji Fish Market Auction

Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for Kyoto and Osaka

Trump Sticks to His All-American Diet on Visit to Japan

Nissin Introduces Noise-Canceling Ramen Fork 

13 Japanese Chains Hitting It Big In the U.S.

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The Japanese Origins of Modern Fine Dining

How Japanese chefs and traditions have shaped global luxury cuisine for the past 50 years

Cough Drop-Flavored Kit Kats Unleashed on Japan

Japan’s First Cat Cafe Train Combines Eating, Traveling, and Feline Bonding

The Future of Japanese Cuisine Lies in Nature, Says Yoshihiro Narisawa

Fire Breaks Out at Tokyo’s Famed Tsukiji Fish Market

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The Toxic Saga of the World’s Greatest Fish Market

More than 16 years and 600 billion yen later, the fate of Tokyo’s Tsukiji market is still up in the air

Where to Eat Gyoza in Tokyo

Much-Loved Ramen Chain Ippudo to Expand Across America

Starbucks’ New Cherry Pie Frappuccino Is a Feat of Pastry Architecture

Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pizza Heralds the Triumphant Return of Spring

Tokyo’s New Nap Cafe Is an Actual Dream Come True

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10 Chef-Approved Restaurants in Tokyo

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The 14 Hottest New Restaurants in Tokyo