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How to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in a Super-Small Space

If You’re Rich, You Should Absolutely Give Trick-or-Treaters Full-Sized Snickers

Fourth of July Foods, Ranked by How Much They Make Me Love America

Bad (Pot) Luck

Do You Love Your Mom as Much as These Brands Love Her?

Stop Trying to Open Your Champagne With a Sword

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The History of Jews, Chinese Food, and Christmas, Explained by a Rabbi

Skip the Football and Listen to ‘Turkey Confidential’ This Thanksgiving

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You’re Morally Obligated to Call Out Your Racist Relatives at Thanksgiving

The annual dinner is the perfect time for uncomfortable conversation

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Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving: From ‘Soul Food’ to ‘Big Night’

These eight feel-good movies are full of memorable food moments

Which Food Magazine Has the Best Thanksgiving Cover?

Just Look at These Kids Dressed Up as Ina Garten and Jeffrey for Halloween

This Halloween, Dress Up as Ina & Jeffrey or Guy Fieri

Instagram Star Christine McConnell’s Macabre Baking Show Hits Netflix October 12

Here’s What the Food Brands Were Up to on April Fools’ Day

Food Brands Are Extremely Thirsty on Valentine’s Day 

Watch: How to Make the English Trifle-Shepherd’s Pie Disaster From ‘Friends’

7 Thanksgiving Podcasts to Get You Through Holiday Travel

Meet the NYT’s Thanksgiving Version of Pea Guacamole: Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey Is the Thanksgiving Feast America Deserves

‘Thanksgiving Dinner Pants’ Allow You to Engorge Yourself Comfortably [Updated]

Yes, Donald Trump Ruined Thanksgiving in 2016

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Which Food Magazine Has the Best Thanksgiving Cover?

Eater editors judge all the lacquered turkeys, place settings, and holiday vibes

These Restaurants Have the Best Halloween Costumes

The Sweet History of Cassata, a Cake With a Complicated Past

Peeps Pizza Is an Easter Food Tradition Gone Horribly Wrong

Maybe Just Close Your Restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day

Guy Fieri’s Holiday Wish List Includes White Truffles and Snow

A Brief History of Eggnog

Remembering Pepsi Holiday Spice, the Winter Tradition That Could Have Been

Starbucks Unveils Fruitcake Frappuccino No One Asked For

5 Candy Cane Flavors That Are Just Offensively Gross

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