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E. Coli-Tainted Romaine Lettuce Traced to California Growing Regions

Throw Away All of Your Romaine Lettuce Right Now

Chipotle Thinks It Can Stop Making People Sick With More Training

UK Steakhouse Charged £50,000 for Serving Food on Annoying Wooden Plank

Canada Bans Soylent for Not Being Real Food

Diners at San Diego Restaurant Warned of Possible Hep A Exposure

Chipotle’s Norovirus Outbreak Triggers Lawsuit, Federal Investigation

Chipotle Blames Norovirus Outbreak on a Sick Employee

Chipotle Reopens Store After 13 Customers Get Sick [Update]

Chipotle’s Food Safety Lawsuit Dismissed

Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Butter Leads to Record Fine

You Might Want to Throw Out Your Trader Joe's Hummus

Throw That Sabra Hummus in Your Fridge Away Right Now

Is No Ice Cream Safe? Nancy Silverton’s Gelato Recalled Due to Listeria Scare

Cape Cod Oysters Sicken 75 People With Norovirus

Soylent Now Advises Customers to Discard Vomit-Inducing Food Bars

Listeria-Tainted Cookie Dough Causes More Ice Cream Recalls

Blue Bell Just Issued Another Listeria-Related Recall

Even Eggo Waffles Aren’t Safe From Listeria

CDC Investigating E. Coli Outbreaks in Washington, New York, Idaho, Colorado

Fruit Smoothies Infect 51 People With Hepatitis

More Than 150 Contract Hep A After Eating Contaminated Scallops at Sushi Chain

Blue Bell Fined $850K Over Deadly Listeria Outbreak

Norovirus Outbreak Strikes the Republican Convention in Cleveland

Food Poisoning Reportedly Strikes Again at Chipotle in New York

FDA: Seriously, Quit Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Whole Foods Faces Recalls Over Salmonella, Listeria Concerns

FDA Slams Whole Foods for 'Serious Violations' at Manufacturing Facility

General Mills Issues Massive Flour Recall Over Multi-State E. Coli Outbreak

Listeria Outbreak Leads to Massive Frozen Food Recall in 50 States

UK's Michelin-Starred Restaurants Face Hygiene Scrutiny

Testing for Foodborne Illness Is Getting Faster, but Less Conclusive