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Where to Dine Like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in Las Vegas for Super Bowl Weekend

Why Paczki Are Essential to Fat Tuesday Celebrations in the Midwest

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The Ultimate Guide to Sandwich Breads

Without the bread, a sandwich is nothing but a charcuterie board; a lost pile of meat, cheese, toppings, and spreads

Veggie Dogs Have Come a Long Way (Sort Of)

From Beyond Meat to Field Roast, Impossible Foods to Morningstar Farms and Tofurky, ranking vegetarian-friendly hot dogs, from best to worst

The Ultimate Guide to Chile Crisps

The Absolute Best (and Sometimes Worst) Vegan Ice Cream

We tried 21 kinds of vegan ice creams so you don’t have to

Barrel-Aging Has Come for Chocolate

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The Eater Guide to Eating and Drinking Around the 2023 U.S. Open in Los Angeles

How to Be a Good Drag Brunch Guest

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How to Eat Your Way Through Philadelphia in 24 Hours

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‘Past Lives’ Actor Greta Lee Shares Her Old Haunts and New Loves in LA’s Koreatown

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The Ultimate Guide to Aaron Franklin’s Hot Luck Festival

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The Wiggly Wobbly World of Asian Jellies

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A Food Lover’s Guide to Building a Wedding Registry

Because the second best part of getting married is getting to ask for stuff

How to Throw the Ultimate Restaurant Wedding

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How to Shop Like a Pro at Central Market — Texas’s Real Best Grocery Chain

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How to Eat and Drink Like a Taylor Swift Era in Nashville

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Eater Austin’s Tips for Getting the Most Out of SXSW 2023

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Where to Eat Near Every Stadium During Major League Baseball Spring Training in Arizona

Butter Is Back and Better Than Ever

Whether you want to make a butter board, bake a batch of cookies, or reach for the European-style spread, there’s a lot to know about butter

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Where to Eat at the F1 Grand Prix 2022 in Austin

A Guide to Lay’s Chinese Potato Chips

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An Eater’s Guide to the Connecticut Shoreline

Skip overpriced areas like the Hamptons and Cape Cod, and spend your summer with Connecticut’s beachside clam shacks, throwback ice cream parlors, and classic apizza places

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An Eater’s Guide to Getaria, the Tiny Spanish Capital of Grilled Fish

Bilbao and San Sebastián get lots of culinary love, but wedged in between is Getaria, Basque Country’s under-appreciated wonderland of grilled seafood

The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Soy Sauce

From dark to light, regular to sweet, soy sauce is much more than a condiment. So how do you figure out what’s what?

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Chips

The best potato chips, potato sticks, and other chip-like snacks to stock your snack shelf

The Ultimate Guide to Aperitifs

From bittersweet to botanical, there’s an appetite-stimulating aperitif out there for everyone in this growing category

The Ultimate Guide to Colombian Snacks

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An Eater’s Guide to Megève, the Food-Obsessed Ski Town in the French Alps

From Michelin-starred mountain cuisine to late-night après-ski parties with culinary TikTok stars, here’s where to eat in the glitzy Alpine hot spot

The Ultimate Guide to Premade Ingredients

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The Ultimate Guide to Tequila

Are you a silver, reposado, or an añejo kind of drinker?

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The Best Canned Wines to Drink on Those Particularly Warm Days

From a peachy piquette to spritz-style rosé, these are the cans you should reach for