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Oktoberfest’s Beer-Soaked History, Explained

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The 30 Essential Munich Restaurants

Oktoberfest’s Beer-Soaked History, Explained

Athlete Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant for Eating All That He Could

Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for Germany

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The 12 Hottest New Restaurants in Berlin

Where to find everything from hearty brunch to a Japanese dinner

A Four-Mile Beer Pipeline Is Coming to This German Heavy Metal Festival

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Eating a Hamburger In Hamburg, Germany

How the burger’s namesake city interprets the American classic

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Your Beverage Coaster Probably Came from This Small Town in Germany

Inside the factory that turns Black Forest trees into bar-top saviors

Germany Does Not Approve of Your Vegan Diet

Bratwurst-Cooking Robot Is a Feat of German Engineering

Naked Diners Eat Free at Berlin Restaurant

‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ in Cologne, Germany: Just the One-Liners

Watch Anthony Bourdain Profess His Love for Blood Sausage

German Beer Sellers Fined $100 Million for Price-Fixing Scheme

The Plush Sausages at Berlin’s Textile Butcher Shop Look Good Enough to Eat