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Gastropod is the award-winning podcast that explores food topics through the lens of history and science. Led by enterprising hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley, each episode uncovers the hidden stories and surprising science behind a different food or farming-related topic, from aquaculture to ancient feasts, cutlery to chile peppers, and microbes to malbec.

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How One Food Stylist Creates Otherworldly Dishes for Your Favorite Sci-Fi Show

From full-on feasts in "Foundation" to intricate meaty platters in "Hannibal," food stylist Janice Poon on how she tells stories that take place in fantastic worlds

The Way to Your Brain Is Through Your Stomach

How Caffeine Became the World’s Favorite Drug

Why Are U.S. Presidents So Obsessed With Ketchup?

Food, Fame, and Fried Chicken

The Invention of Modern Baby Formula

Reinventing the Eel

Contrary to What You’ve Heard, Toll House Didn’t Invent the Chocolate Chip Cookie

How Do We Get People to Compost?

How an Exiled Mexican President Accidentally Invented Chewing Gum

How America’s Coffee Got Bad — and Then Got Great

The Very Capitalist History of the American Coffee Break

Fortune Cookies Come With Almost Every Chinese Delivery Order in America. Here’s Why.

What Dates Have to Do With Christmas, the Temple of Dendur, and ‘America’s Arabia’

The Most Interesting Oil in the World

Beyond Impossible: The Sanitarium and World War II Past of Meat Substitutes

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