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On the Côte d’Azur, Panisse Is All the Fashion

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An Eater’s Guide to Megève, the Food-Obsessed Ski Town in the French Alps

From Michelin-starred mountain cuisine to late-night après-ski parties with culinary TikTok stars, here’s where to eat in the glitzy Alpine hot spot

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The 15 Essential Nantes Restaurants

A Wine Bar for the People

Natural wine is thriving in restaurants and shops in America, but wine bars are still finding their place

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The 18 Essential Restaurants in Cannes

Seaview patios for your chilled rosé, perfect baguettes for your beach picnic, plus a private boat to a swank seafood hotspot

The French Are Not Okay With Spanish Rosé Being Passed Off as ‘French’

One of France’s Living Legends Gets the Big-Screen Treatment in ‘The Quest of Alain Ducasse’

How a French Winemaker Poured Himself Into the Film ‘Back to Burgundy’ 

After seeing so many films get winemaking wrong, one vintner decided to lend a helping hand

Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for France

Michelin Takes Back 3-Star Rating at Chef’s Request 

Chefs Take to Social Media to Mourn Legendary Chef Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse Is Dead at 91

French Chef Gives Back Michelin Star Because It’s Too Costly to Maintain

France Has Its Very Own College Dedicated Entirely to Kebab-Making

Milk Fat Mayhem Heightens as France’s Butter Shortage Worsens

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How Ladurée Taught Americans to ‘Patisserie’

What happens when a pastry shop becomes a bona fide lifestyle brand

A Guide to Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert’s Television Bromance

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Debate the Ethics of Eating Meat on ‘Parts Unknown’

Why Chefs ‘Give Back’ Their Michelin Stars

3-Michelin-Star French Restaurant Wants to Be Removed From the Dining Guide

Colonialism-Themed Bar in France Stokes Outrage

This French Vending Machine Spits Out Fresh Oysters

Pamela Anderson’s Short-Lived Career as a Vegan Restaurateur Is Over

Possible Butter Shortage Sparks Pastry Panic in France

The French Are Not Happy About That Scathing Review of Le Cinq

The Worst Lines of Jay Rayner’s Le Cinq Review, With Cats

The Past, Present, and Future of Melted Cheese

Michelin Awarded a Star to the Wrong Restaurant

How Valentine’s Day Ruined France’s Saint-Amour Wine

France’s 2017 Michelin Stars Are Here

Holy Crap: The U.S. Team Actually Won the Bocuse d'Or

Michelin Unveils France’s Bib Gourmands for 2017