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TikTok’s Chopped Sandwiches Are Doing the Most, and for What?

Hyper-chopped sandwiches and salads are the height of performative TikTok food

Please Don’t Tell Me About Every Single Dish on the Menu

Swedish Candy Is Suddenly Inescapable

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LA’s Dominican Moment Is Here

Consider the Vegetable Bouquet

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Austin’s All-Day Cafes Are the Ultimate Third Places

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In Portland, 2024 Is the Year of the Snack

British Food Is Finally Getting Its Due on TikTok

This Cake Trend Is Literally on Fire

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Like It or Not, Food Halls Are Here to Stay in Atlanta

Forget the Goodie Bag, Take Home a Tattoo

Why Some Very Online Food Brands Are Going Offline

The Yassification of Lactaid

Are Greens Powders Actually Good for You?

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The Curious Case of ‘Welcome In’

Why does it seem like this phrase took over the hospitality industry overnight?

The Absolute Worst Food and Dining Trends of 2023

The Year Everyone Put a Bow on It

Are We Really Calling It ‘Damp January’?

There must be a better phrase for a month of light drinking

In 2023, We Hit Peak Restaurant Collab

This year, restaurants joining forces with each other became the ultimate flex

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Why (and How) Seafood Boil Restaurants Became So Popular in Atlanta

Merry Shrimpmas: ’70s-Style Shrimp Trees Are Back

The Next Wave of Korean Barbecue Is Here

The Casual Opulence of the Metal Coupe Glass

Your Neighborhood Restaurant Now Serves Caviar

Once a luxury reserved for posh dinners, fish roe has become the snack du jour at restaurants across the country — and it’s blurring the lines between casual and formal dining

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How Modern Taper Candles Took Over Every Tablescape

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Is Atlanta Finally Reaching Peak ‘Eatertainment’?

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Putting It All on the Table

Arranging a table isn’t just about accessories — it’s about attitude. The way we approach both is changing.

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It’s Always Sunny on Food Instagram

Sharp shadows and bright sun are the latest way food influencers are striving for relatability

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Seek This Out in Austin: Springy Focaccia Sandwiches

Casual Dining Chains Are Back, Baby

Get Ready for a Pasta Girl Fall

Vegetables Get the Tinned Fish Treatment