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Food-Scented Candles Are the Latest Trend in Restaurant Merch

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Six Atlanta Restaurant Trends to Watch

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Why TikTok’s Pink Sauce Was Made to Go Viral

From millennial pink to Barbiecore, it’s no surprise that TikTok’s Pink Sauce popped off

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Atlanta’s Great Food Hall Boom Continues

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Is Atlanta Finally Reaching Peak ‘Eatertainment’?

Is the Minimalist Restaurant Menu Over?

Menus represent the changing values of the restaurant industry. And right now, more context is king.

Should You Drink Sea Moss, TikTok’s Favorite New Smoothie Ingredient?

Canned Cocktails Are Everywhere. Too Bad They’re Mostly Terrible.

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The Return of the Hot Table

Between fully booked restaurants and subscription models for reservations, the market for must-have reservations is tougher than ever

Just When You Thought It Was Over, the Hot Honey Trend Only Gets Hotter

Social Media’s Coolest Bakers Are Going All in on Fruity, Floral Dome Cakes

Whimsical yet organic, these rounded confections are a treat to behold

The Dinner Party Is Now Very Online

Where Martha Stewart and Ina Garten might have instructed previous generations of hosts, TikTok influencers and services offering downloadable guides and tablescape rentals are here to help today’s party hosts

The Look of the Summer Is Seafood Kitsch

I Scream, You Scream, and the Dogs Are Barking for Ice Cream

TikTok’s Viral ‘Healthy Coke’ Concoction Is Better Than You Think

Baijiu Gets Its Due on Cocktail Menus

A growing number of bartenders are raving about a popular Chinese liquor that many American consumers know little about

What’s the Next Big Thing in American Snack Culture?

This year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo revealed some upcoming snack trends, like s’mores popcorn, Jell-O gummies, and more Flamin’ Hot stuff

Why a New Generation Is Obsessed With Vintage China

On Instagram and at estate sales, people are on the hunt for elaborate dishes and elegant glassware

Our Cups, Ourselves

Insulated cups have emerged as a surprising site of self expression

For a Touch of Retro Whimsy, Restaurants Are Turning to the Illustrated Menu

From Danny Meyer’s skyscraper restaurant Manhatta to dive bars in Brooklyn, these hand-drawn menu designs are bringing a new level of fun and creativity to the dining experience

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This LA TikToker Is Bringing LA Restaurant History to Gen Z

Complete Buffalo Sauce Saturation Is Here

Hot Cross Buns Have Finally Made It in America

This Is Not a Pint

TikTok’s Wildly Popular Dirty Soda Is Strangely Compelling

The Transportive Power of Food Perfumes

The Blooming Onion Has Never Been Cooler

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It’s Time to Talk About... Poop-Swoop Foods

Have you noticed that so many restaurant dishes look like :poop: right now??

The Hottest Flavor in Snacks Is ‘Cooked Too Long’

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The Multilevel Truth Behind Small Town America’s Latest Tea Obsession

Vibrantly colored, highly caffeinated, health-focused drinks have taken over social media, but for the proprietors of these beverage-slinging "nutrition clubs," the realities can be far less bright

Welcome to the NFT Restaurant Boom

Chefs like Tom Colicchio are minting NFT pizzas, recipes, and even limited-edition gin bottles. But is the rest of the food world along for the ride?

In Praise of Crayons at Restaurants — for Adults

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