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Food Media

How I Got My Job: Award-Winning Restaurant Critic

How I Got My Job: Editing — And Now, Owning — Legendary Food Publication Saveur

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A Midwestern Magazine Shows There’s More Than Mayo to the Region’s Cuisine

Here Are the 2023 James Beard Foundation Media Award Winners

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America’s Test Kitchen Lays Off 23 Employees, Shuts Down ATK Kids

We’re in the Age of Food Talent. Whetstone’s New Agency Wants to Represent It.

The Ephemeral Appeal of Indie Food Zines

Why zines are food media’s experimental cutting edge

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The Numbers Driving New Cookbook Deals

Landing a cookbook deal involves good timing, a great idea — and increasingly, a ton of followers on social media

Before Lifestyle Influencers, There Was ‘Martha Stewart Living’

How I Got My Job: Creating Weeknight Recipe Faves for Top Publications and Writing a Cookbook

HBO Max Is Making a Comedy About the Bon Appétit Fallout

Which Food Publication Won the 2020 Holiday Cookie Bake-off?

Bon Appétit Returns to YouTube With a Diverse Group of New Personalities

Sohla El-Waylly, Formerly of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, Announces New YouTube Show

Bon Appétit Announces Dawn Davis, Publishing Heavyweight, as New Editor-in-Chief

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The Boundary Pusher

Peter Meehan’s transgressive vision helped redefine food media with the groundbreaking Lucky Peach, and later transformed the LA Times’s food coverage. But that vision came with a toxic management style characterized by intimidation, a barrage of sexualized commentary, and explosive anger, according to two dozen current and former staffers.

Multiple Bon Appétit Stars Resign From Appearing in Test Kitchen Videos [Updated]

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‘It Was a Losing Fight to Write Anything That Wasn’t “Ethnic”’

White food writers are often allowed to be generalists, while BIPOC creators are limited to their personal histories, their cultures, and the foods their grandmothers made

Founding Director of Influential Southern Foodways Alliance Pressured to Resign

New Report Details Pervasive Culture of Racism at Bon Appétit: ‘Nowhere Have I Ever Felt More Isolated’

Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport Resigns Following Allegations of Racist Culture [Updated]

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The Cooking Show at the End of the Road

In Homer, Alaska, radio host Jeff Lockwood creates a cooking community with his show "Check the Pantry"

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Go-To Food Authority in Rome

How I Got My Job: Running a Food-Focused Radio Station

How I Got My Job: Blogger, Cookbook Author, and Food Stylist Jerrelle Guy

How I Got My Job: Becoming One of America’s Top Food Photographers

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Chef and Food Stylist for America’s Test Kitchen

How I Got My Job: Becoming a Taco Journalist

How I Got My Job: Cookbook Author Julia Turshen

Three Cookbook Authors on How They Got Their First Book Deal

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Here Is the Full List of 2019 James Beard Foundation Media Award Winners

Congratulations to all the winners

Kourtney Kardashian’s Organic Wine Recommendations Are Surprisingly Good