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Burger King Delivers Personalized Burger to Prince William

Lululemon Wants to Sell You Beer in Addition to Pricey Yoga Pants

Dunkin' Donuts Convinced David Ortiz and Rob Gronkowski to Sing a Love Song About Iced Coffee

Nestlé Turns to 'Nude' Baristas to Sell Its New Natural Creamer

Burger Chain Adds Cricket-Laced Milkshakes to Its Menu

There's a Petition to Remove the 'American' From American Cheese

Watch Martha Stewart Talk About How She Accidentally Got High With Snoop Dogg

Bold New Start-Up Completely Eliminates the Inconvenience of Eating

Pizza Hut Advertises New Pizza With Strange Selfie Stick Parody PSA

This "Girl Detection Billboard" Only Advertises Beer to Women

Of Course Ikea's Breakfast-in-Bed Cafe Features Ikea Beds

Watch Justin Timberlake Shill Tequila as a Washed Up Playboy Lime

New Feminist Beer Challenges Raging Sexism in the Beer Industry

Kevin Bacon Is Now the Official Spokesperson for Eggs

Coca-Cola Apologizes for 'Good Old Times' Ad About Nazi Germany

With Brand Refresh, OpenTable Explores Ticketing and Payment-POS Integration

These Are the Food Ads That Most Resonated With Millennials Last Year

Eater Today: Campbell's Cold-Pressed Juice, Cookie Monster's Dilemma, and More

Remain Calm: The Thin Mint Shortage Could Last Weeks

Cinnabon Scores Big With 'Better Call Saul' Cameo

Oreo Neither Confirms Nor Denies S'mores Flavor

French Super Chefs Daniel Boulud, Dominique Crenn, and Michel Richard Launch a Cookware Line

Padma Lakshmi Is Selling a Line of Frozen Foods at Costco

14 Whole Foods-Inspired Baby Names to Saddle Your Child With

TGI Fridays' Drones Launch Stateside This Month

Former Mob Chef Gets Second Career Shilling Beef on QVC

Basketballer Kevin Durant Is Now Shilling for Sonic Drive-In

Hair Model Chef John Besh Now Shilling For Orthodontists

Inexplicably, Taylor Swift Is Now Shilling for Subway

Watch Chef Thomas Keller in a Car Commercial

Watch Pastry Chef Christina Tosi in a Car Commercial

Emeril Lagasse Shilling Bam! BBQ-Flavored Tortilla Chips