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Sir, This Is a Turkey

Can Papa John’s Customers Forget About Papa John?

IHOP’s Name Change Is the Most Obnoxious Brand Move of the Year

McDonald’s Upends 10,000 Years of Patriarchy with One Weird Trick

How Sanrio Turned Hello Kitty Into a Food Superstar

Why Every Pizza Commercial Features Literally the Exact Same Toppings

Watch Matt Damon’s Stella Artois Super Bowl Commercial

Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Commercial Tugs at the Heart Strings

Watch Avocados From Mexico’s Bio-Dome-Themed Super Bowl Commercial

Danny DeVito Is a Human M&M in this Super Bowl Commercial

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Super Bowl Commercials 2018: Watch Them Here

Here’s Bud Light’s ‘Dilly Dilly’ Super Bowl Commercial

Watch Pepsi’s New Super Bowl Commercial With Cindy Crawford 

Wendy’s Slams McDonald’s Frozen Beef in Super Bowl Commercial

Budweiser Gets Serious With a Super Bowl Ad for Its Canned Water

Mountain Dew and Doritos Bring a Celebrity Lip-Sync Battle to the Super Bowl 

Watch David Schwimmer’s Extremely Weird Super Bowl Ads for Skittles

Watch Bill Hader’s Hilarious Super Bowl Ad for Pringles

Eataly Ignores Customer Complaints Over Offensive Ad Campaign

Burger King Is Waging a Shadow Campaign Against Wendy’s With Promoted Tweets

Chili’s Revived the Baby Back Ribs Jingle and It’s Terrible

Gross Restaurant Ad Calls Victoria Beckham Anorexic to Sell Thin-Crust Pizza

Chipotle Recruits Wu-Tang Member for Latest Marketing Stunt

To Get Free Avocado Toast for a Whole Year, Just Buy This House

What the Hell Is This New Pepsi Ad [Update: It’s Been Removed]

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What It Means to Be a ‘Beer for Women’

Carl’s Jr. Abandons Its ‘Slutburger’ Ads

Don Draper’s Heinz Ketchup Ad Campaign Is Actually Happening

McDonald’s Knows Absolutely Nothing About Ireland

This Sexy Burger King Meal Contains an ‘Adult Toy’

Super Bowl Commercials 2017: Budweiser, Wendy’s, Yellow Tail, and More

Cheetos-Branded Accessories Are Selling Like Cheesy Hotcakes