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For Generations of Black Women, Fried Chicken Meant Financial Freedom

For Black women in America — especially in Virginia — fried chicken has always been a lifeline

A Four-Ingredient Fried Chicken Recipe With a Story to Tell

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The Chicken Cutlet Is Forever

The ’90s-era pounded, breaded chicken cutlet is showing up on more restaurant menus again, feeding a desire for something savory, tasty, not fussy, and to the point

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The Happiest Food on Earth?

Theme parks have long used fried chicken to evoke a sense of old-timey, wholesome Americana. But who, exactly, is this nostalgia really for?

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Americans Can’t Kick the Fried Chicken Bucket

How the Fried Chicken Bucket Became an American Icon

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All Hail the Halal Fried Chicken Shop

For decades, the corner halal fried chicken shop has been a staple of New York neighborhoods, and an important economic foothold for their Afghan owners

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Feeding the Flock

Fried chicken is community. We asked five photographers to document the many ways the dish brings people together.

Food, Fame, and Fried Chicken


How a Family Bakery in Sicily Makes Its World Famous Cannoli


How a Ceramics Master Creates One of a Kind Plates for Restaurants


The Trick to Harvesting the Most Delicious Seaweed in the Ocean

These Jerk Cauliflower Wings Are a Supremely Easy Vegetarian Snack


At Icca, Sushi Chef Kazushige Suzuki Is Always Teaching, but Never Done Learning 

From Sourdough to Inflation: How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Eat

A Recipe for Romesco Verde That Makes Crudites Pop

The New (and Fancy) Sodas You’ll Want in Your Fridge This Summer

The best of this new generation of "seltzer-ish," sorta-"healthy," definitely non-alcoholic drinks

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The Doughnut Kids Are All Right


At Zahav in Philadelphia, Chef Michael Solomonov’s Egg in the Hole Includes Challah


How an Expert Rice Miller Perfects Japanese Rice for NYC Restaurants


How Slab Barbecue Is Defining LA’s Barbecue Scene


How America’s Biggest Indoor Shrimp Farm Sells 2 Million Shrimp Each Year

What Are We Wearing to Restaurants Now, Brooklyn?

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Beyond the Ivy: What Makes a Celebrity Hot Spot

The reason celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian all flock to the same restaurants

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10 Brilliant and Bizarre TikTok Food Accounts to Follow Now

You won’t regret it... or maybe you will

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Never Ask a Food Influencer to Pick Up the Tab

On the surface, getting paid to talk about food on Instagram seems like a sweet gig. But influencers say that the job gets exhausting quickly.

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I’m Shillin’ It

How chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are using hip-hop stars and famous musicians to infiltrate your mind and wallet

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The Hottest New Celebrity Accessory Is a Restaurant

Here’s why celebrities from Eminem to Miranda Lambert have suddenly added restaurant ownership to their resumes


How Chefs at LA’s Providence Meticulously Prepare an Oyster Dish

As Dollar Stores Proliferate Food Deserts, Some Communities Push Back

Why Not Make Your Own Sandwich Bread

The Labor Disputes at Amy’s Kitchen, Explained


How 100 Tons of Oysters Are Farmed Off the Coast of France

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