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This Is What Happens When Tech Bros Attempt to ‘Fix’ Online Recipes

For a ‘Proper Proper Proper’ Baked Sweet Potato, Freeze It First

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What Are Hot Chocolate Bombs and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?

Dalgona Forever

Subtle Asian Baking, an offshoot of the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, now has more than 67,000 bakers trading recipes, tips, and a sense of community

Everyone’s Obsessed With the Hilarious, Horrifying Cake Busts From ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Travis Scott Fans Are Celebrating His McDonald’s Meal by Blasting ‘Sicko Mode’ in the Drive-Thru

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The Short, Troubling Life of the Intentional Food Waste Meme

It’s the latest stupid thing people are doing to get attention on the internet

The New TikTok Food Trend Is Cloud Bread, a Pillowy, Pastel Atkins Diet Staple

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Who Will Save the Food Timeline?

The internet’s most comprehensive archive of food history — a passion project of one dedicated librarian — predates Wikipedia. Now it needs a new custodian.

What Do We Get From Grocery Store Freakout Videos?

Wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19 has become a politicized issue, leading to an increase in public confrontations — all captured on witnesses’ phone cameras

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Despite Panic-Stricken TikTok Trend, You Can Definitely Eat the Tiny Bugs in Your Strawberries

Thanks, but I’ll Stay Home

Excuse Us, ‘Papa’ John Schnatter: We’re in the Middle of a Class War

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The Actual Experience of Virtual Experiences 

You can tour a museum at 9, take a mixology class at 11, and swoop over Machu Picchu at 3, but do these online versions of "doing stuff" really scratch the itch?

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Christina Tosi’s Baking Club Is Keeping My Family Sane in Quarantine

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Coronavirus Has Us Doing Chain Letters for Recipes Like It’s the Damn ’90s

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Dalgona Coffee Inspired Us to Try (and Fail at) Whipping Other Drinks

I’m Sick of Scrolling Past Essays to Get to Recipes I’m Not Paying For

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With Their Restaurants Closed, Chefs Turn to Instagram Live to Inspire Home Cooks

How social media offers valuable information and a sense of community as folks stay at home

So Everyone’s Googling ‘Bread’ Now

Coronavirus isolating has led to a bread-baking boom

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Request Pending: Inside the Members-Only World of Online Beer Trading

Breweries are limiting in-person, to-go purchases of their rarest beers and labeling bottles "not for resale." That’s not stopping online resellers.

Supreme Oreos Already Up for Resale for $500 on eBay

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Many of YouTube’s Most Popular Kitchen Hacks Are Hoaxes, and Some Are Also Dangerous

Poreless and Peerless, Smooth Food Is an Aesthetic Lifestyle

Planters Killed Mr. Peanut, Brought Him Back, and Killed Him Again — All for the Super Bowl

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‘Small but Certain Happiness’: Home Cafe Videos as a Soothing Balm for Modern Angst

Popularized in South Korea, the videos show people crafting beautiful drinks for the sake of beauty

How Sheet-Pan Cooking Took Over Instagram

You know the shot: just-browned roasted vegetables and bright green pop of herbs on a perfectly patinated metal sheet

Happy Holidays Only to the Woman Singing Yelp Reviews on TikTok

20 Food Hot Takes You’ll Probably Hate-Read in 2020

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The Best Food Shows in 2019 Weren’t TV; They Were TikToks

Where else can you go from a teen ranting about her fast food job in autotune to a beautiful recreation of anime food scenes in mere seconds?

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Food Brands Went Fully Off the Rails in 2019 — and Profited From It

From Popeyes sandwich mania to brand Twitter accounts run amok, the dream of slow food seems farther away than ever before

The Brands Are (Literally) Too Horny and Must Be Stopped

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