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The Internet

Woman Finds Window of Hotel Room Opens Directly Into Operating Restaurant

The Hottest New (Ghost) Restaurant Is TikTok

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The Viral TikTok Recipes Causing Food Shortages

Supply chain disruptions were a theme of 2021, but thanks to viral recipes, some ingredients were hit especially hard

Rocco DiSpirito Recipe NFT to Be Unveiled by NFT Curation Company, If Any of That Makes Sense to You

Martha Stewart Is Turning Her Famous Thirst Trap Into an NFT

TikTok’s ‘Corn Ribs’ Are Infiltrating Restaurant Menus Everywhere and I Just Don’t Get It

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Your Least Favorite Gross Viral Food Videos Are All Connected to This Guy

Whether it’s Spaghetti-Os pie or table-top nachos, everything can be traced back to (literal) magician Rick Lax

Internet Goes in on White-Owned Company That Claimed to Invent Whipped Coffee

How a British Retiree Became the Twitter King of ‘Big Veg’ Gardening

72-year-old Gerald Stratford started a Twitter account to share his vegetables. Hundreds of thousands of followers later, he has a book deal and appears in a Gucci campaign

The Extremely Internet Saga of Shrimp in Some Dude’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Desperate Times Call for Elaborate Buttercream

How a new generation of social media-savvy bakers are breathing life into old-school cake decorating techniques

This Is What Happens When Tech Bros Attempt to ‘Fix’ Online Recipes

For a ‘Proper Proper Proper’ Baked Sweet Potato, Freeze It First

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What Are Hot Chocolate Bombs and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?

Dalgona Forever

Subtle Asian Baking, an offshoot of the popular Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, now has more than 67,000 bakers trading recipes, tips, and a sense of community

Everyone’s Obsessed With the Hilarious, Horrifying Cake Busts From ‘The Great British Bake Off’

Travis Scott Fans Are Celebrating His McDonald’s Meal by Blasting ‘Sicko Mode’ in the Drive-Thru

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The Short, Troubling Life of the Intentional Food Waste Meme

It’s the latest stupid thing people are doing to get attention on the internet

The New TikTok Food Trend Is Cloud Bread, a Pillowy, Pastel Atkins Diet Staple

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Who Will Save the Food Timeline?

The internet’s most comprehensive archive of food history — a passion project of one dedicated librarian — predates Wikipedia. Now it needs a new custodian.

What Do We Get From Grocery Store Freakout Videos?

Wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19 has become a politicized issue, leading to an increase in public confrontations — all captured on witnesses’ phone cameras

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Despite Panic-Stricken TikTok Trend, You Can Definitely Eat the Tiny Bugs in Your Strawberries

Thanks, but I’ll Stay Home

Excuse Us, ‘Papa’ John Schnatter: We’re in the Middle of a Class War

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The Actual Experience of Virtual Experiences 

You can tour a museum at 9, take a mixology class at 11, and swoop over Machu Picchu at 3, but do these online versions of "doing stuff" really scratch the itch?

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Christina Tosi’s Baking Club Is Keeping My Family Sane in Quarantine

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Coronavirus Has Us Doing Chain Letters for Recipes Like It’s the Damn ’90s

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Dalgona Coffee Inspired Us to Try (and Fail at) Whipping Other Drinks

I’m Sick of Scrolling Past Essays to Get to Recipes I’m Not Paying For

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With Their Restaurants Closed, Chefs Turn to Instagram Live to Inspire Home Cooks

How social media offers valuable information and a sense of community as folks stay at home

So Everyone’s Googling ‘Bread’ Now

Coronavirus isolating has led to a bread-baking boom

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Request Pending: Inside the Members-Only World of Online Beer Trading

Breweries are limiting in-person, to-go purchases of their rarest beers and labeling bottles "not for resale." That’s not stopping online resellers.