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Dried fruit, panettone, pasta earrings, tinned fish, and fried chicken-shaped ice cream on a colorful background.

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Where Eater’s Editor-in-Chief Is Buying All Her Gifts This Year

A one-stop shop makes things so much easier

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A version of this post originally appeared on December 3, 2022, in Stephanie Wu’s newsletter, “From the Editor,” a roundup of the most vital news and stories in the food world. Read the archives and subscribe now.

As much as I enjoy shopping, the idea of gift-giving stresses me out, particularly around the holidays. I’m a fan of spontaneous gifting — coming across a trinket or card for someone on my travels, or buying something for others after I’ve tested and loved it. But I get total decision paralysis when shopping for lots of people at a time.

Recently I’ve started embracing the one-stop shop: buying the same ultra-versatile gift for friends and family, or doing all my shopping from one store.

Some of my favorite options for this are Fishwife — I love giving food gifts, but know that they often go to waste during the holidays, so the fact that tinned fish lasts forever is a bonus. For a real showstopper, I’d go with a From Roy panettone from. Yes, $85 dollars is a lot to spend on a baked good, but it’s the best panettone I’ve ever had, and works equally well for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dessert. It’s got a one-month shelf life, but I’ll be incredibly impressed if anyone can make it last that long.

Another gift that’s hard to go wrong with is a Goldbelly delivery. You can now send Goldbelly gifts with just an email address, so your recipient can pick the best time for delivery, instead of you blindly guessing at someone else’s schedule. Inspired by coworkers, I just bought myself a Not Fried Chicken ice cream bucket from Life Raft Treats and prescheduled it for mid-January, after the holiday madness. Some other hits include the New York Brunch package — bagels, lox, and babka — from Russ and Daughters and Kelly Fields’s biscuits and pimento cheese kit.

This year, I’m eyeing the selection at Yun Hai, a Brooklyn-based Taiwanese provisions shop that ships nationwide. You could go for one of their gift sets — dried fruit sampler, chile crisp trio, or a Best Of bundle that includes small-batch soy sauce, sesame oil, and more — or simply pick and choose from all their products.

If you’re looking for a food-inspired gift that isn’t edible, I’ve been intrigued by Delicacies Jewelry. Their collections include dumpling- and pasta-themed necklaces and bracelets. If you’re wondering, yes, I would absolutely rock a gold farfalle necklace.

Still not quite sure what to get? For those of you in New York or Los Angeles, I’ve got great news. Eater has partnered with Shopify for the ultimate one-stop shop — we’re bringing our holiday gift guides to life with an IRL shopping experience from December 10 to 18 where you can find food, drink, and home gifts for absolutely everyone. Get all the programming details here, and RSVP on our splash pages in New York and Los Angeles if you’re planning to stop by.

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