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A Restaurant I’ll Go to for Its Name Alone

From the Editor: Denver’s pan-Latin dim sum, a new awards ceremony nobody asked for, and more in food last week

Blue corn and hoja santa pupusa with black beans at Super Mega Bien
Photo by Ryan Dearth/Eater Denver

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Opening of the week: Super Mega Bien

The space was designed by LIVstudio, a RiNo-based firm, with graphic designs by Matter in Denver.
Photo by Ryan Dearth/Eater Denver

Who’s behind it?: Chef Dana Rodriguez, her partner in her other restaurant Tony Maciag, and their longtime employee Tabatha Knop.

What is it?: A pan-Latin dim sum place, which I guess means little snacks like gorditas and tostadas on carts, plus bigger meals you can order from the menu.

Where is it?: Denver, CO.

When did it open?: Tuesday, May 15.

Why should I care?: I kind of love the name, which the chef took from a friend who would answer the question of “How are you doing?” with “Super mega ultra fucking bien.” Also, I find it kind of fascinating that the whole “new take” on dim sum carts is still happening. And, well, I don’t spend enough time thinking about what’s going on in Denver, and maybe you don’t either (but that’s what Eater Denver is for).

On Eater

The vodka pie at the Joe & Pat’s
Photo by Alex Staniloff

On the Upsell

Last week, Dan trailed one of my personal heroes (and co-workers), food critic Robert Sietsema, for a day of traipsing and eating around Queens. We learned about Robert’s background, how he broke into food media, and strategies for doing his job. Listen here/wherever you get your podcasts, or read some choice excerpts on the site.

Off Eater

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