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Keeping an Eye on Dave Chang’s LA Restaurant

From the Editor: With Majordomo, the Momofuku empire expands to LA for the first time

Inside Majordomo, David Chang’s New LA Restaurant
Photo by Wonho Frank Lee

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Last week, we published our first-ever short documentary on Eater. Called Boystown, it explores the changing face of one of America’s oldest gayborhoods through its evolving (and, in many cases, shrinking) hospitality industry. And on Tuesday, the doc’s host Zach Stafford came on the Eater Upsell podcast to expand on his reporting.

Stafford explained that a confluence of factors contribute to the rapid disappearance of gay bars and queer spaces across America. Many blame dating apps, as digital access to potential partners eliminates the need for IRL flirting. Meanwhile, the gentrification that often follows gay communities, as well as a pressure for gay bars to cater to straight audiences, have affected which kinds of spaces are allowed to thrive.

Part of the change is positive, in that gay lifestyle and culture is so readily accepted now, so part of the mainstream, that the gay community doesn’t need carved-out spaces in order to feel safe, meet one another, or be themselves. And there’s something to be said for the fact that straight bar and restaurant goers are so attracted by aspects of the gay lifestyle that drag clubs have become destinations.

But as Stafford told us — and Eater’s Meghan McCarron echoed in a later interview in the podcast episode — something gets lost when these spaces disappear and evolve. Historically, queer spaces have been about so much more than just a safe place to meet a partner. They’ve been places of community, resistance, political organization, sanctuary. And those are necessary, will continue to be necessary, and should be protected.

Opening of the week: Majordomo

Broken soft tofu with honey, apple, and sesame
Photo by Matthew Kang

Who’s behind it?: Celeb chef Dave Chang.

What is it?: Chang’s first LA restaurant. The menu encompasses Korean flavors with California influences, and a hodgepodge of dishes, from lo mein with tapioca to soft fresh tofu to cured kanpachi and fried onion rings. Chang omitted the famous pork buns this time around, but Momofuku fans will recognize the Benton’s ham, the rice cakes, the spicy take on the bo ssam large-format meal, and a dish of “macaroni and chickpea,” reminiscent of the highly Instagrammable cacio e pepe from Chang’s Nishi.

Where is it?: Chinatown, Los Angeles

When did it open?: January 23.

Why should I care?: As Chang tackles his fourth major American city, it’s compelling to watch how he tweaks his concept, what dishes he is testing out, how he adapts for the local culture, and how the locals — who arguably have more exciting options than brethren in D.C. and even Vegas — will respond to the opening.

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