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The Miami Restaurant We All Want to Be at Right This Very Second

From the Editor: Plus, it’s not too late for resolutions 

Newly-opened restaurant in Miami Amara at Paraiso features 4,500-square-foot, indoor-outdoor space
Photo by Nick Garcia

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So, by the end of day Tuesday, I have to complete a somewhat intimidating 7-page corporate document for our publisher and CEO about the “programs, products, and initiatives” that we plan to focus on, as well as the “major operational risks” we face, along with goals and KPIs and all that jazz. It’s not the most fun weekend activity to loom over you, but I’m actually happy to do all this plotting with a clear head, two weeks after New Year’s Day, instead of during the holiday nuttiness.

We spend so much of December at Eater (on both the edit and revenue sides) wrapping up 2017. At this point in Jan, we have a general idea of tentpoles we will hit — the Young Guns in the summer, the Eater Awards in December, James Beard coverage in May, ongoing content we’ve sold, etc. etc. — but there are exciting initiatives big and small that we’re just starting to talk about now.

Last week, we agreed on the next major international travel guide destination (stay tuned for April, but I can promise there will be wine and carbs). This week I’ve been fielding all kinds of ideas from interesting people about what to do with a kitchen space we operate on the edge of Manhattan’s Chinatown (related: would you go to an Eater Salon?). Last Monday, we moved two of our ace storytellers into a new team focused solely on high-concept projects. Meanwhile, I’m dreaming up a new Big Project that’s going to take us all year and will probably be a nightmare, but in the end, if we pull it off, will be something really special.

That is a long-winded and navel-gazing way of saying: if you haven’t thought much about what you want your 2018 to look like, this is as good a weekend as any to ponder it. (Think of the first half of the month as recovery for an intense 2017.) Annnnd if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on Eater in 2018, now is an even better time than usual to make a suggestion to me at

Opening of the week: Amara at Paraiso, Miami

Inside of Amara at Paraiso, chef Michael Schwartz’s latest restaurant in Miami
Photo by Nick Garcia

Damn, this new Michael Schwartz restaurant looks nice. Looking at it through grimy, snow-tinted lenses, I would very much like to be sitting on one of those white couches on the patio drinking punch and eating banana leaf-wrapped cobia right now. And I wasn’t even the hugest fan of Michael’s Genuine.

On Eater

This week on the Upsell

Photo by Gary He

My co-host Dan and I talked to photojournalist Gary He about his reporting trip to Mosul, Iraq, shortly after the fall of ISIS. His photo essay from the trip, on how restaurants are rebuilding in the city, ran on Eater back in December.

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