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Eater Scenes

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More Masala, Less Latte

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After a Three-Year Hiatus, the James Beard Gala Was a High Energy Party

Breaking Fast at Mumbai’s Nightly Ramadan Food Festival

At GreenRiver, Julia Momose Makes a Chamomile Cocktail

Inside Barcito, Andrea Borgen's No-Tipping LA Restaurant

Breakfast at The General Muir in Atlanta, 9 a.m. on a Saturday

18 Magical Breakfast Scenes in Cities Across the Continent

Catching Summer Vibes at an Australian Fish & Chips Institution

Tour Los Hernandez, a Year-Round Tamale Staple in Eastern Washington

Inside Smoke Meat Pete, Montreal’s Bluesy Smoked Meat Favorite

Nine Festive Dining Scenes From Across North America

Budapest’s Szimpla Market: Where Food and History Collide

Manuel’s Tavern: Where Atlanta’s Political Junkies Go for a Pint

The Shed: A Santa Fe Institution Where Lunch Is Still a Party

Feather Bowling and Beer: An Evening at Detroit's Cadieux Cafe

Finding a Fresh-Caught Lunch at South Korea’s Largest Fish Market

Shilin Night Market: Discovering a Street Food Paradise in Taipei

Saturday Night at The Golden Tiki Lounge, A Pirate's Hideout in Las Vegas

At Milwaukee’s Polish Mainstay Polonez, Lunch Is a Pierogi-and-Potatoes Affair

Hot Dogs and Harleys: Lunch at West Virginia’s Biker-Endorsed Hillbilly Hot Dogs

Primanti Bros.: Where Pittsburgh Eats Long After Last Call

Cronut Fever Strikes Tokyo at Dominique Ansel's Wild Bakery Opening

A Tour Through the Food-Themed Pavilions of Expo Milano 2015

Inside Louis' Lunch, the 120-Year-Old Birthplace of the Hamburger

Inside Florida's Stunning 110-Year-Old Icon, Columbia Restaurant

Sacramento's the Kitchen Combines Fine Dining With High-Wire Culinary Theater

Scenes From Classic Restaurants Around the Eater Universe

The Spirit of Old Madison Is Alive and Well at Tornado Steak House

Eating Breakfast With the Regulars at El Paso's Famed H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop

Graham Street Wet Market in Hong Kong, Monday at 3 PM

Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore, MD, Saturday at 12:30 PM

Swan Oyster Depot in SF, Saturday at 10:30 A.M.