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With Kelp, a First Nations Fisher Builds Community on the Clayoquot Sound

How I Got My Job: Building an Urban Beekeeping Business

Andrew Coté followed his fathers footsteps into beekeeping; now Andrew’s Honey is a go-to resource for beekeepers and for restaurants looking for top-notch honey

How I Got My Job: Leading the Dining Program at a Working Farm and Writing Cookbooks

For Abra Berens, making a career in food is about finding her niche at the intersection of farming, cooking, and writing

The New Guard

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HAGS Will Be Queer First, and a Restaurant Second

Telly Justice and Camille Lindsley are creating a blueprint for fine dining’s queer future with their upcoming New York City opening, HAGS

How I Got My Job: Launching Vertical Farming Innovations After a Career in Packaged Snack Foods

How I Got My Job: Founding a Hip and Sustainable Canned Wine Company

Can Good Saffron Change Lives? Mohammad Salehi Thinks So

The CEO of Heray Spice is not only making saffron accessible to Americans, he’s also providing farmer families in Afghanistan with financially stable avenues and rewards

In LA, Proof That Sustainability Can Be Chic and Profitable

How I Got My Job: Creating a New Vision for Vegan Cooking at a Top NYC Restaurant

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Hawaiʻi’s Mushroom Boom Is Here

Ingredient by ingredient, Hawaiʻi chefs and farmers are working towards putting more local food on diners’ plates

How I Got My Job: Creating Culinary Gardens for Restaurants and Homes

How I Got My Job: Connecting Top Restaurants and Home Cooks with Heirloom Corn and Masa

Who Gets to Be a Butcher?

Black Butchers United provides a way for butchers of color to pool resources, share job opportunities, and build community within a tough industry to break into

The Country’s First Native American Woman-Owned Brewery in the U.S. Doesn’t Want to Be Its Last

The owners of New Mexico’s Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. hope to inspire the next generation of Indigenous brewers


How Chef Ed Szymanski Perfected Fish and Chips at NYC’s Dame


How Chef Eric Sze Is Changing the Game for Taiwanese Food in NYC

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Meet the 2021 Eater New Guard

These 11 inspiring up-and-comers are using food to challenge conventions, empower their communities, and make positive change

Eric Sze Knows There’s Always More to Do

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Eric Rivera Is Playing the Game 

Despite everything, the Seattle chef has found a way to successfully run his restaurant Addo — and he has some advice for the rest of the industry

Weaving a Stronger Safety Net

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Brittney Valles Is Stepping Up

The restaurateur wants to create a network of community centers in LA

Planting the Seed

Building a Restaurant Where People Want to Eat — and Work

Growing a Movement in Soil and City Politics

Better Spices, Better Lives

A Mover and a Cocktail Shaker

A Feast for the Black Spirit

A Sustainable Living

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Nominate the New Guard of the Food World

We’re looking for the most inspiring hospitality professionals, activists, and more to be members of the inaugural Eater New Guard class