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Taiwan's Hello Kitty Hot Pot Restaurant Will Turn You Into the Heart Eyes Emoji

Shabu shabu, Sanrio-style.

Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu/Facebook

Cue major lunch envy: Taiwan now has its very own Hello Kitty restaurant specializing in shabu-shabu, aka hot pot. This is no cheap imitator, either: Per NBC News, the restaurant is officially licensed through Sanrio.

Nearly everything on the menu at Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu is either shaped like Hello Kitty or her signature bow, or imprinted with the iconic character's face. Many of the serving dishes and utensils are themed, too, from the glassware to the hot pots themselves.

Besides the main attraction of shabu-shabu, the menu also includes ridiculously cute items like "firm tofu stamped and shaped in Hello Kitty's face, and Hello Kitty-shaped mochi filled with either cheese or mentaiko [marinated fish roe]" not to mention "white rice that is molded in the shape of Hello Kitty's face." Awww.

HK Food

[Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu/Facebook]

HK Food 2

[Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu/Facebook]

Tempura and croquettes come emblazoned with Hello Kitty's sweet mug:

HK Tempura

[Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu/Facebook]

Even the beverages are branded with Hello Kitty, so you can wash your food down in proper Sanrio style:

HK Drinks

[Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu/Facebook]

But can Hello Kitty even dine here? After all, the famous feline mascot famously lacks a mouth. And lest you think this kitty should be relegated to a cat cafe, consider this: According to a shocking revelation from her creator in 2014, Hello Kitty is not a cat at all but rather a human girl. Riiiiight.

Taiwan isn't the only nation to boast its very own Hello Kitty-themed restaurant: A restaurant serving absurdly adorable kitty-shaped dumplings and buns hit Hong Kong in June. Hello Kitty-themed pop-up restaurants are also a common sight in Japan; stateside, Los Angeles restaurant Plan Check once offered a rather bizarre Hello Kitty burger with pink cheese.

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