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82-Year-Old Drives 460 Miles to Taste 1,000 Pound Cheese

The massive log of Provolone costs $18,000.

This 1,000 pound provolone imported from northern Italy to Canada is a cheese that stands alone. And one 82-year-old Connecticut man drove 460 miles to Ottawa to be the first to cut into the monstrous 1,000-pound log of provolone, reports Ottawa Citizen. Anthony LoFrisco, a retired lawyer with a passion for fromage and his son made the trip to Nicastro's Italian Food Emporium. The much-anticipated provolone required a crew of six men to unload it. LoFrisco was front and center as it was hauled off the truck and brought into the store — a yearly tradition for Nicastro's since the 1980s.

While this man's love of cheese may be unparalleled, Anthony LoFrisco has a deeper reason for making the seven hour trek to Ottawa. As a young 12-year-old boy in Brooklyn, LoFrisco was not able to indulge in the dairy delicacy due to the fact that Italian cheese was banned from the U.S. during World War II. Once the war ended, rumor spread around his neighborhood that a local store had received a shipment of the "biggest cheese in the world." He describes the moment he caught a glimpse of the cheesy behemoth, "Then we saw it. It was in a crate — 12 feet long, three feet square; they took it out and put it on a table — a 1,000-pound provolone." The cheese made a lasting impression on LoFrisco and he waited 70 years to find another just like it — but this time, he got to have the first taste.

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