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An Email from Jenna Lyons to Her Fellow Shake Shack Board of Directors

Imagining what J. Crew visionary and current member of the Shake Shack Board of Directors Jenna Lyons might have in mind for the burger chain.

Getty / Helen Rosner

To:  "Board of Directors"
From: "Jenna Lyons"
Date: Thursday, July 9
Subject: Adding to Next Week's Agenda

Congrats on a successful launch of ChickenShack! So glad this is finally happening.

Per our last strategy meeting, these are the ideas I'd like to have added to next week's agenda.

· Our brand is on the rise, we're in more middle-market suburban town centers than ever. I've found it useful to lean hard on sequins at times like this.

· I would like us to consider making our products more expensive, but also less good.

· It's time for us to embrace extended sizing, but only online. People will buy bigger, however grotesque that might seem to us. Let's let them. I'd like us to consider items like a triple ShackBurger, a ChickenShack Slam (a ChickenShack patty sandwiched between two ShackBurger patties with cheese on our classic Martin's Potato Roll), and Devil's Fries (our standard cheese fries topped with chopped Shack-cago dogs and all the fixin's). These items will only be for sale online and for pickup. There's no reason our guests need to actually see people who would order such things.

· Staff uniform styling needs to be aspirational. Motion to make thick glasses and neon coral lipstick non-negotiable.

· I'd like to fast-track the Arizona opening. I think if we work around the clock we can get this done by EOD.

· I'm ready to see more high-low pairings. Bespoke wagyu burgers styled with iceberg lettuce. Foie burgers effortlessly topped with a stale bun.

· I would also like to greenlight the Shake Shack / Girls episode. Especially liked the pitch where Lena and her new nice bf have a fun tradition of eating Shake Shack after having dirty sex. Let's get the millenials hyped and the products placed.

Looking forward to reading everyone else's memo.