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Japan Is Losing Its Marbles Over a Patty-Free Burger

It has just lettuce and sauce.

Lotteria Japan's patty-free burger
Lotteria Japan's patty-free burger

Japanese burger chain Lotteria is offering an exciting new shrimp burger without any of the dangers of actually having to eat fast food shrimp. The burger consists of a bun, a squirt of tartar sauce, and a small bed of lettuce. Japan's Twitter users were originally suspect of paying for this wonderburger bereft of any and all protein, but it seems as if they've warmed up to the idea.

According to RocketNews24, this says, "Ebi-Nashi burger! It's actually kind of good!"

"Lotteria's rumored Ebi-Nashi Burger. I quite like it!"

Japan, if you start feeling like your iron count is low, here are some other options.