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Rapper Trick Daddy Wants to Make All Your Food Taste Like the Dirty South

He's crowdfunding a new line of seasonings.

Further proving that rappers do have other passions besides money, cars, clothes, and super-awkward dancing, Florida rapper Trick Daddy just launched a Kickstarter for his very own line of spices. (Or, as he refers to it, a Trickstarter.) He guarantees they'll imbue your cooking "with a dirty South flavor in every bite."

The line includes Chicken Salt — which is actually vegan, somehow — Cajun Seasoning, and Jamaican Jerk. Pledge rewards range from an apron emblazoned with the somewhat cryptic slogan "Bitch I Got My Pots" to a Skype session with the man himself — or even the chance to attend a barbecue at his house, where he will almost certainly douse all your food in Chicken Salt. Bringing along a six-pack of Wu-Tang Clan-infused beer may or may not be a good idea.

Watch Trick Daddy attempt to convince you to throw money at his line of spices, below: