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Eater at Home

Eater at Home


Three New Cookbooks Explore the Reality and Diversity of Italy and Its Food

In Matty Matheson’s House, ‘It’s Margarine or Die’

A Starter Kit for Your Vegetarian Cookbook Shelf

Nasim Alikhani Is Leaving Her Mark

For Juneteenth, a Recipe for an Extra-Crispy Catfish Po’ Boy With Hibiscus Coleslaw

A Beloved Veggie Burger Cookbook Gets A Second Life 

Madhur Jaffrey’s ‘An Invitation to Indian Cooking’ Introduced Many Americans to a Complex Culinary Tradition

For Hetty Lui McKinnon, ‘Salads Are Very Much My Soul Food’

Scones in the Time of Agita

Claire Ptak’s "Love Is a Pink Cake" and "Mary Berry’s Baking Bible" provoke differing views of the state of British baking — and Britain itself

The Best Snack for Ginger Lovers Is Inna’s Super Spicy Ginger

A Flavorful One-Pot Recipe for Chicken Thighs and Coconut Rice

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Southeast Asian Sugar

An Instant Hack for a Perfect Banana Brownie Cookie Recipe

No Patio Party Is Complete Without This Jug. You Know the One.

How to Dine Outdoors, Minus the Bugs

Go Ahead, Cook on Your Portable Fire Pit

How to Make Boozy Popsicles Perfect for Your Backyard Hang

Clementine Paddleford’s ‘How America Eats’ Chronicled the Tastes of a Nation

A Tortellini Salad With Garlic Scape Pesto Recipe That Captures the Excitement of Spring

Gabrielle Davenport Is ‘Very Much a Curry Person’

The Best Sriracha Substitutes to Survive the Huy Fong Shortage

Can Cookbooks Teach Us to Waste Less Food?

As two new titles demonstrate, it’s less about learning specific recipes than how to shift your lifestyle

The Secret to Fried Eggs With Still-Runny Yolks

Rick Martínez’s Rajas con Crema Quiche Recipe Is the ‘Ultimate Comfort Food’

The Great Matzo Taste Test

Sometimes it’s not about finding the best, but the least bad

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Matzo

Synonymous with Passover, the unleavened bread is both a symbol and a food

A Recipe for a Bright, Crunchy Butter Lettuce Salad With Grapes, Fennel, and Walnuts

I Really Miss My George Foreman Grill

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Saffron

The world’s most expensive spice can be an everyday ingredient — if you know how to use it

A Crunchy, Extra-Crispy Recipe for Chicken Milanese

For White Moustache’s Homa Dashtaki, Yogurt and Rice Is Enough

Kale Sauce Is a Way of Life