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Recipe: A Fruity Rum Cocktail With a Bitter Edge

Welcome to A Drink You Can Actually Make, Eater's first ever recipe series dedicated to simple cocktails from new bars across the country.

It's not every day that a cocktail arrives suspended over a mini aquarium, unless of course one's daily watering hole is Chicago's mid-century-decorated The Sixth. Since December, the Lincoln Square bar helmed by Benjamin Schiller (The Berkshire Room) has been portioning out nostalgia in the form of Trix cereal-inspired libations and cocktails garnished with plastic toy figurines. But for the below dram, Schiller dials it back into a drink you can actually make. Note, while Schiller threw in a mix of blackberry and grapefruit, feel free to change up the fruit to suit your preference.

Statler & Waldorf
Makes 1

2 ounces aged white rum, such as El Dorado 3 Year
3/4 ounce simple syrup
1/4 ounce Aperol
6 blackberries
1 grapefruit wedge
juice from half of a lemon
sprig of mint

Combine rum, simple syrup, Aperol, lemon juice, blackberries, and grapefruit in a cocktail shaker and muddle until fruit is broken down. Add ice and shake. Double strain into a rocks glass with one large ice cube. Garnish with mint sprig.

The Sixth

2202 West Lawrence Avenue, , IL 60625 (312) 256-2960 Visit Website