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What Is Unicorn Wine?

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These are 13 of the most desired wines on the market.

G.B. Burlotto.
G.B. Burlotto.
Levi Dalton

Amongst all wines available to buyers, when it comes to certain producers, there are just never enough bottles to satisfy demand. And the fierce desire for what is in limited supply has led to changes in the way New York sommeliers write wine lists in the ever competitive and thirsty city. Enter "Unicorn Wine," a new category of wine taking hold in Manhattanthe once in a lifetime bottles that every sommelier dreams of drinking, and bragging about, before they die.

Which producers are making the wines that sommeliers want the most? Here is a guide to the bottles that top sommeliers want to drink whenever they can.

Photo by Levi Dalton

1) Maison Pierre Overnoy/Emmanuel Houillon, France: This tiny producer has become an icon and inspiration to those searching for less manipulated wines."When they are on, they are magical." -Patrick Cappiello, Rebelle and Pearl & Ash

1) Clos Rougeard, France: In the last few years this Loire Valley producer has gone from being relatively unknown with American drinkers to being highly regarded and celebrated. "We'll continue to buy whatever we can, as this is a producer that is difficult to find." -Grant Reynolds, Charlie Bird

3) Domaine Georges Roumier, France: Very often when New York City sommeliers are asked to name their favorite red Burgundy producer, the answer is Roumier. "I have actually had to beg for Roumier wines before." -Michelle Biscieglia, Blue Hill Farm

4) Domaine Roulot, France: Roulot is one of the most respected producers of white wine in the world today."Jean-Marc's wines are some of the greatest white wines that any restaurant could have on their list." -Grant Reynolds, Charlie Bird

5) Domaine Coche-Dury, France: For many people, Coche-Dury sets the benchmark for great white Burgundy. "Coche is a good example of a wine that has been in allocation jail for as long as I’ve been in the business." -Patrick Cappiello, Rebelle and Pearl & Ash

Photo: The Rare Wine Co.

5) René & Vincent Dauvissat, France: Chablis that is almost always on point. "He's the archetype in Chablis." -Grant Reynolds, Charlie Bird

7) Domaine François Raveneau, France: One of Burgundy’s most revered domaines. "For me, Raveneau is the top of the game as far as Chablis." -Michelle Biscieglia, Blue Hill Farm

8) Thierry Allemand, France: Allemand is on the short list of producers at the very top of the quality hierarchy in the Northern Rhône Valley. "You can get so little of it that you don’t want to sell it." -Jeff Kellogg, Maialino

9) Giuseppe Rinaldi, Italy: Giuseppe Rinaldi’s cellar has become a site of pilgrimage for those interested in Barolo. "Bottles sell out overnight." -Jeff Kellogg, Maialino

10) G.B. Burlotto, Italy: Still somewhat of an insider’s pick, the wines from this Piemonte producer are becoming harder and harder to find. "What we have doesn’t last too long, but while it does we're excited to have it." -Grant Reynolds, Charlie Bird

Photo by Levi Dalton

11) Sandlands, California: A personal project of Turley winemaker Tegan Passalacqua, the Sandlands wines were immediately celebrated and sought after from the moment they entered the market. "This wine was born allocated. The first vintage was released and I was offered three bottles. I was like, ‘What the fuck is Sandlands?’ So I googled it, and then I bought the three bottles. I’ve been chasing it ever since." -Patrick Cappiello, Rebelle and Pearl & Ash

12) Jacques Selosse: Perhaps the hardest wines to secure in any quantity in New York, just getting the chance to open a bottle has become an event. "I would not want to be the distributor for these wines, I am sure every single restaurant in NYC complains about their allocation." -Jeff Kellogg, Maialino

13) Ultramarine, California: Ultramarine has quickly established itself as an American producer on par with the top grower Champagnes of France. "I wasn't even offered Ultramarine." -Michelle Biscieglia, Blue Hill Farm