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Backyard Bowls' Coconut Cashew Milk Will Make You Forget Dairy

Go beyond almond milk — make California cafe Backyard Bowls' super simple (and totally delicious) coconut cashew milk.

Kat Odell

Right now in Los Angeles, just about every cafe worth its kale salad offers house-made nut milkbe it to smooth out a coffee or cream up a smoothie. Superb Snack Bar in Venice was one of the first to introduce a killer hazelnut milk cappuccino, Go Get Em Tiger in Mid-City draws lines for its silky almond-macadamia milk and newbie Santa Barbara export Backyard Bowls fuses cashews with coconut water via an addicting dairy alternative. Which happens to be incredibly easy to recreate at home and doesn't even require straining with a nut milk bag. Co-founder Dan Goddard explains, "The beauty of [the cashew coconut milk] lies not in some intricate recipe, but rather in the quality of the ingredients featured and the fact that we are blending every jar fresh to order." So, if possible, use raw/organic cashews and coconut water just like Backyard Bowls.

It's surprising that major cities (hello, New York) have yet to catch on to house-made nut milks which, in addition to being easy to prepare, have the added benefits of superior flavor and no preservativesfound in almost all the store bought stuff.

For those without access to fresh nut milk or those keen on the flavors of coconut and cashew, try Backyard Bowls' coconut cashew milk recipe, below.

Coconut Cashew Milk
Makes 32 ounces

14 ounces filtered water
14 ounces organic coconut water
1 cup raw organic cashews
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 
squeeze of raw local honey (or other sweetener) to taste

Add all ingredients to high power blender and process for two minutes or until milk is silky and thoroughly combined. Serve.

Backyard Bowls

8303 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 746-5404