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Distilled Is Your All-Inclusive Guide to the World of Spirits

Check out this first look at dandy spirits bible Distilled, coming soon.

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Courtesy of Mitchell Beazley

Gin, vodka, tequila, absinthe, rum, whiskey, and brandy are the core spirits which comprise chapters in Distilled, a forthcoming liquor book that dissects the usual suspects (and a few extras) found behind most bars. Imbibers with an affinity for whiskey Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley of are behind the guide, and they explain popular but oft-unknown terms like "London Dry" and talk through the reason why whiskey is sometimes spelled whisky without the "e." (Spoiler: Scottish-made whisky generally omits the "e," as do single-malts made in Japan, Sweden, and India, while Irish and American producers usually leave it in.)

Aside from the main players, learn about global spirits like China's baijiu and feni, a liquor from Goa, India rarely found outside the country that can taste of "fermented apple" and "crushed hazelnuts." Depending on the brand. There's instructions on home-made bitters, and even an interview with actor Dan Aykroyd about his vodka company that launched in 2008. Ever wondered about that skull-shaped bottle?  It's shockingly legit.

Expect a deep dive into the world of spirits, with bottle recommendations, recipes, distiller profiles and a more than adequate section on absinthe and the green fairy. Which will be especially helpful next time you're in a drunk argument with friends over the origin of absinthe or the power of wormwood. Just break out this book and say, "I told you so."

Distilled is published by Mitchell Beazley and hits shelves on April 7. Pre-order on Amazon, or snag an exclusive sneak peek below:

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