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Welcome to Eater Drinks!

Eater Drinks launches today!

Since 2005, Eater has been a source for restaurant and bar news: openings, closings, chef shuffles, gossip, trends and more. And while city editors have covered drinks with respect to restaurants and nightlife, we've never offered an intensive look at the all-encompassing world of beverages: beer, wine, sake, liquor, coffee, tea, juice ... even bone broth. Which is where Eater Drinks comes into play, today.

On Eater Drinks we'll de-mystify the often intimidating world of drinks through explainers, features, maps, opinion, videos and reviews. What's BraggotMight the world run out of coffee in the next century? How about some great, inexpensive spirits to stock a home bar? Also, for the first time in Eater history, we're diving into recipes. Check back here every Monday morning for a cocktail recipe you can actually make.

The players: Charles Joly, formerly of The Aviary in Chicago and last year’s winner of Diageo’s World’s Best Bartender, will contribute cocktail stories, in addition to regular liquor coverage from Caroline Pardilla of popular Los Angeles-based blog Caroline On Crack.

Joshua Bernstein, author of Brewed Awakening and The Complete Beer Course, leads a monthly beer review column, while Christina Perozzi, co-author of The Naked Pint, will share regular beer features.

Atera New York’s tea curator Jeff Ruiz is onboard to explore the world of tea alongside Eater contributor Kathy Chan, and expect sake tutorials from sake sommelier and instructor Timothy Sullivan of Hey, did you know sake isn't rice wineAlso, look for wine ruminations from celebrated winemaker Robert Sinskey of the namesake vineyard.

And there's still a whole lot more to come. Welcome to Eater Drinks. Need a wine recommendation or spot a weird new spirit? Drop us a line.