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Watch This Hypnotic Video of How a Beer Can Is Made

Watch how a beer can is made.

Garage Project

Check out this video from celebrated New Zealand craft brewers Garage Project, which tracks the making of a beer can set to Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor.

The short follows the production of Garage Project's new Hops on Pointe can, a 6.7% ABV beer that co-founder Jos Ruffell calls a "Champagne pilsner," with German malts and New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops.

Ruffell explains that the beer was originally brewed in honor of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, which put on the word's first beer-themed performance two years ago: "With the video, we just tried to show the process that goes into making a can, from start of the huge roll of aluminum to the end product. The factory itself is weirdly empty when it's running, and the machines are these huge beautiful things from the 80s, smeared in oil with cans whizzing by everywhere. It reminded us of the dancers, so when we decided to bring HOPS to cans it was a great opportunity to film in the factory at the same time."

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