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10 Coffee Shops That Will Explode in 2015

From New York to Los Angeles, 10 new coffee shops to know.

Alan Gastelum for Parlor Coffee

Since the dawn of the third wave coffee renaissance, aficionados have watched their neighborhoods grow with cafes and restaurants that treat coffee-making like a craft and coffee-drinking like a worthwhile hobby. Pour overs and flat whites have evolved from trendy to commonplace. Starbucks is now offering special reserve roasts for monthly home deliveries. And suddenly, microroasters are popping up all over the country, roasting small, nuanced batches for local cafes. Today, there’s great coffee to be had allover. Below, a peek at what's on the horizon for 2015.



Location: 301 Divisadero St., San Francisco, California
Key Players: Jerad and Justin Morrison
Projected Opening: Fall 2015
Darlings of the San Francisco third wave coffee movement, Sightglass is all set to open a new coffee bar in what was formerly a 2,000-square-foot produce market on Divisadero Street. While all other SF locations roast beans onsite, this outlet will not. Sightglass owners Jerad and Justin Morrison have hired influential Bay Area architecture firm Boor Bridges Architecture to design a space with features unique to the neighborhood, setting it apart from coffee shops nearby.

Photo: Michael O'Neal



Location: 2651 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, Illinois
Key Players: Will Von Hartz and Dennis Waldvogel
Projected Opening: March 2015

Chicagoans have lamented over the loss of Flipside, a much loved hole-in-the-wall cafe in Bucktown that shuttered two years ago after outgrowing its previous space. Owners Will Von Hartz and Dennis Waldvogel modeled Flipside 2.0 after their favorite New York City neighborhood cafes. While they have acquired a much larger space this time around, it will still offer the same friendly and cozy atmosphere as its predecessor. Working with renowned Chicago-based roasters Ipsento, Flipside will serve cups of brew designed to pair with everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to brown sugar cookies, all made in-house.



Location: 3617 W. 32nd, Denver, Colorado  
Key Players: Jake, Herb, and Joseph Brodsky 
Projected Opening: March 2015
Since 2002, this family-owned venture in Denver has been providing local coffee shops and restaurants with beans, which they roast themselves in a classic Vittoria machine. Currently the roastery is open to the public on Fridays for cuppings and tours, but they have two  and soon to be three retail locations for daily drop-ins. Novo is next taking over a space formerly occupied by Yogurt Guru in West Highland. Time to trade up your sugar addiction for a caffeine habit.

Photo: Ashley Hughes


Location: 8th and Sherman, Denver, Colorado
Key Players: Steven Waters, Ali Elman, Dustin Audet, Gregory Ferrari
Projected Opening: Summer 2015
Last year, Denver coffee purveyors Black Eye Coffee took on roasting their own beans. And next they'll expand their operations to a second location in Capitol Hill that’s bigger and more polished than their current spot in the Highland. The new outpost will focus on a beverage-driven concept inspired by coffee-making and a full bar stocked with both coffee and cocktail equipment. Naturally, the menu will have items like whiskey pour-overs, cocktail and coffee pairings, and more.



Location: 331 E Hickory St., Denton, Texas 
Key Players: Partners Matthew Arnold, Ian Lenz, and John Lenz 
Projected Opening: March 13-15, 2015 
What was once a backyard rager that started more than 10 years ago, is now to become a 3,000 square foot beer garden and music venue in downtown Denton. Named after that eponymous house party, Harvest House is a one-size-fits-all community hub for art, food, music and importantly, coffee. Management will source beans from Austin-based roasters Cuvee Coffee plus beer from local brewers.

Photo: Matthew Arnold



Location: 631 Wilshire Blvd at 7th Street, Santa Monica, California
Key Players: Brooke Des Prez and Sumter & Chi-lin Pendergrast
Projected Opening: June 2015 
After developing a cult following in Orange County, Sidecar Donuts is expanding its operations and bringing exciting donut flavors like Huckleberry and Maple Bacon to Santa Monica. Naturally, their top grade coffee program will follow suit. Working exclusively with Portland coffee veterans, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Sidecar has developed signature blends  Forty Winks and Colt’s Tooth to pair perfectly with their seasonal donuts. By summer, Angelenos craving Sidecar will be able to grab their donuts and coffee to go from a renovated Art Deco building just blocks away from the ocean.

Photo: Facebook/Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee


Location: 4630 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
Key Players: Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski 
Projected Opening: July 2015 
While Los Angeles is full of reputable coffee shops, two of the best are by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski: G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger. This summer, they're expanding the GGET brand with a second location in Los Feliz that will feature a 1,000 square foot patio and a diner-inspired bar. The best part is, along with the multi-roaster set-up, the baking and food prep will be done in-house.

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels


Location: Washington Blvd., and Platform St., Culver City, CA
Key Players: James Freeman
Projected Opening: Summer 2015
When mega-roaster Blue Bottle finally landed in Los Angeles, founder James Freeman swooped in with his now world-famous coffee program to dominate the local scene. Last year alone he opened two outlets, acquired Handsome Coffee as well as Tonx, an LA-based coffee subscription service. And as Freeman previously revealed, with its beautiful and affordable spaces, Los Angeles is the perfect place for Blue Bottle to expand its efforts.

Photo: Facebook/Blue Bottle Coffee



Location: 10th and J Street, San Diego, California
Key Players: Sam Hong
Projected Opening: April 2015
Game-changing Pasadena coffee bar and tea shop Copa Vida is slated to debut a 1,460-square foot second location in San Diego's East Village. The space, clad with a mezzanine, will include a self-serve honor bar in the morning, plus a more traditional barista bar. Expect Copa Vida-brand roasted beans. In other news, a third outlet could be headed to Carlsbad.

Photo: Eater San Diego



Location: 1524 Myrtle ave
Key Players: Gus Reckel
Projected Opening: April 2015
Lately, Bushwick has become an unstoppable force in the Brooklyn dining scene. Now it’s about to add a French bakery and cafe to the roster. L’imprimerie is set to take over an old bakery-turned-print shop that’s been untouched for 60 years. It comes replete with a 100-year-old coal oven for freshly baked breads and an impressive coffee program designed by Brooklyn-based micro-roaster Parlor Coffee. If you’re in the neighborhood looking for a croissant and espresso, this is your spot.

Photo: Alan Gastelum for Parlor Coffee