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After Work at The Aviary, Barman Micah Melton Unwinds at Sportsman’s Club

This country is home to a lot of bars, and among them are gems oft-overlooked. To help guide us to these discoveries, we've enlisted the country's many drink luminaries to share their under-the-radar recommendations for Drinking Confidential.

Inside Sportsman's Club.
Inside Sportsman's Club.
Marc Much

The Aviary in Chicago, modern gastronomist Grant Achatz's progressive cocktail lounge, never ceases to explore boundary-pushing, whimsical ideas of what a drink can be. And behind the bar's curious intoxication program  which includes the likes of adult boba and drinks inside bottles with ships is beverage director Micah Melton. When he's not torching egg whites or barrel-aging martinis, catch him downing drinks out of Sportsman's Club's amaro machine:

The best part about the Chicago bar industry is the huge diversity of programs and atmospheres. From tiki to speakeasy to beer and whiskey, you can find just about anything. A personal favorite of mine is the taxidermy and old school packaged goods feel of the Sportsman's Club. The best way to warm up during Chicago's winter is to walk in the door here. They have an all-star cast behind the bar and there's always a warm bear hug and cold amaro from their amaro machine waiting for you.

Sportsman's Club

948 North Western Avenue, , IL 60622 (872) 206-8054 Visit Website