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A Cognac and Sherry Cocktail Recipe That’s Stirred and Strong

You’ve had a fortune cookie, now try a fortune cocktail.

New York restaurant La Chine's Fortune cocktail.
New York restaurant La Chine's Fortune cocktail.
La Chine

La Chine is the opulent new Chinese restaurant inside Manhattan's Waldorf Astoria hotel, where dishes hail from all over China. Here, some plates are more traditional than others. Take, for example, a starter of star anise and soy-flavored foie gras-stuffed cherries versus an entree of wok-seared lamb with cumin and shallots. Yet, old meets new in both food and drink. Below, La Chine's Fortune cocktail, which the restaurant suggests garnishing with a chocolate fortune cookie.

Makes 1

1 ounce Cognac, such as Pierre Ferrand "Ambre"
1 ounce aged rum, such as El Dorado 12 year 
1 ounce Pedro Jimenez sherry, such as Lustau 
1 dash Bittermens' Xocolatl Mole Bitters (optional)

Add all ingredients to mixing glass. Add ice and stir for thirty seconds. Strain into a Nick & Nora glass.

La Chine

540 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022 (212) 872-4913 Visit Website