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Soon, Walking Drunk in Spain Could Get You a Ticket

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In Spain, pedestrians might one day face charges for walking while intoxicated.

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There's DUI (driving under the influence), there's BUI (biking under the influence), and for those in Spain, pedestrians might one day face charges for WUI or walking under the influence. Breathalyzer, included.

It sounds absurd, but Spain’s Directorate General of Traffic has proposed a new set of rules aimed to "foster better relations and coexistence between pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and vehicles," reports The Guardian. And one such motion is to classify pedestrians as "users of the road" like drivers. That would mean if an individual is involved in a traffic accident or breach, he/she would have to submit to a drug and alcohol test on the spot. The best part is that the Directorate has suggested setting pedestrian speed limits, which would restrict the pace to "not surpassing that of a normal stride."

Predictably, not everybody is onboard, "with the government’s top advisory council calling it a violation of Spaniards’ rights."

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