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$600 Goat Milk-Brushed Loose Leaf Is World's Most Expensive Tea

Royal China Club in London serves the world's most expensive tea.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Alongside a motley crew of outrageously priced exotic edibles, Royal China Club in London also brews the world's most expensive tea. Da Hong Pao, in the oolong family, grows in the high altitude of China's Fujian province and leaves are picked from three legendary bushes. Per The Independent, "these same bushes produced tea which cured the illness of a mother of a Ming dynasty emperor." As the tea leaves grow, workers wipe them with goat's milk for shine. When mature, the leaves are picked and baked over charcoal, then aged for up to 80 years.

Royal China Club simmers the leaves for up to eight hours and sells a pot with four servings for £388 or just under $600. According to journalist Oscar Quine who sampled the tea, "Its flavour is similar to that of Japanese brown rice tea. I imagine the woody, umami undertones come from the roasting. They are offset nicely by fragrant top notes – I taste peach."

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